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Advertise! You should promote your website on other popular social media platforms so that you can gain more exposure. 

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All classified website charge a person money to post ads on the site. A new classified site normally is for a specific location and people who live in a certain area. You can open a classified site for everyone, but this one will be much hard to control and keep organized. You'd need to break this down by state and region. I'd consider who you want to target first and then target just the people in this location.

  1. Post your site on FB. there are many people looking for a cheap way to sell things.
  2. Use all your social media accounts. This is an excellent form of publicity.
  3. Go to forums and introduce your new site. Make sure you target forum in your demographic area only.
  4. Put out announces in your general area.
  5. Hold a promotion for the first 1000 people who post an ad on your site. Give them some sort of a discount.
  6. Take a look at Craig's List and what they did to become popular. This will give you a good idea of how you can go about making your site popular in your area. 
  7. Put up announces or posters around town. You can even hire some school kids to put these on cars in parking lots. 
  8. Put up posters or announces around your local stores so people can see your new website.
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Generating traffic can be quite challenging, however there are some easy to follow tips that will definitely help you!

*Use SEO content (add keywords, add tags and other contents that will help you get ranked better on Google)

* Advertise your webste on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook.

* Advertise locally, let your friends and family help you show the area you live at your website.

Hope it all works out for you!
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bYou should aim a site where most of the active users are staying which is social media, 9gag being promoted on social media like Facebook, and after being introduced to social media, that site instantly gain traffic through a social media, and now that site can generate good income per daily basis, getting a million hits or views per day gaves you 3 to 4 digits of income every month! If you like you can use YouTube as well to promote your site but it’s hard to get views from it, You can try Twitter since it has lots of users too, and instagram as well.
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Getting Traffic on a new website is a quite difficult task. So you can follow these simple steps and can get traffic on your website:

  • Promote your website on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.
  • Secondly create an ad campaign of your website on Google, Youtube, Facebook and twitter.
  • Thirdly promote your website through quality article submission to popular article submission sites like ezine, hubpages, tumblr, etc. You can link these articles to your site by using your website related keywords in it.
  • Then you can also get traffic on your website by backlinking process. Register on different forums and get backlinks to your website...

Hope This Helps!

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