We are in the modern world at present. There are so many things had changed as compared in the past. One of these changes in people's lives is having these modern gadgets. Now, children are knowledgeable about using them. The concern is to lessen the usage of these things. We cannot refrain them from using modern gadgets. If we do, they will be left behind.

How can we intervene to lessen the usage of modern gadgets? 


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Yes. Nowadays children's are more dependent on gadgets. It has both advantage and disadvantage in it. The children may gain some knowledge from it.but health-wise it became problem.

To avoid this, parents should play with their kids in evening time instead of giving phone to them. 

It makes the children happy. 
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Turn off Wifi and schedule it. Enforce board games together and reward them with something they like (pizza, eat-out, movie). Go out and take a walk, They may complain during the walk, just ignore them and be a crazily fun company while walking with them. 

Turn OFF your Wifi.
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Modern gadgets have filled our lives. We are addicted to them. We can condition our children using these method.

Let there be a time table

Everything should be done in a particular way and time. It should be followed strictly.

Do exercises and outdoor activities with children

Always have your children exercise. Outdoor activities should be done.

Do and reward refrain from gadget challenges.

This challenges will go a long way in refraining from gadgets.

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First consider the age of the children to use electronic gadgets like cellphone and tablet.

Gather them and tell them the advantages and disadvantages of using those gadgets.

Set a schedule or limit of their usage of the said gadgets.

Always follow them up. Give incentives to those who are obedient. 
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I can make the Children,less dependent on the Gadgets by involving them in the other activities.These activities should be productive in their own manner.
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Below some creatives ways to break children gadget addiction

  1. Set an example. Leave your mobile, tablets, and laptop aside for a few hours every day.
  2. Change the routine
  3. Do not keep it accesible
  4. Dont make learning from activities a habbit
  5. Encourage outdoor activities
  6. Indulge in activity based learnings
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