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I would like to start question and answer website. How can I get people there to ask or answer like on
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Set your goals, if you want your site to have a good traffic, promote and give compensate for everyone who joined. It happens to Zwerl, before they decide to open up the site for group chat it was just like Answeree. But when they open the sites for good compensation like every message you send to your favourited chats you will earn base on your reputations. And a $1 bonus every day for every question that answered, that's the reason why Zwerl had too much traffic and making their system lag sometimes.

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First of all you would need a very well organized website and system like we have on Answeree. 

Second of all you would have to find a way to provide users awards (whether through points, cash or anything else).

You would need a very good system to make sure everything runs smoothly.

As for how to get traffic you could create a webpage on Facebook, Instagram and other social media to advertise. Maybe a rewards program for users who bring more users as well.

Good luck!
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Currently, there are several Q & A sites online today. Many of them pay people to work on the site. Rewards and incentives are what attract people to your site. In order to be successful you'll need to consider this:

  1. What do you want the site to be on? General question or a certain topic.
  2. How do you plan on earning revenue on this site?
  3. Do you plan on opening this site up to everyone or only experts?
  4. What format will you use for your site? You'll need to research the different options you have in software to run your site.
  5. Do you want to earn revenue from the people who ask the questions so you can pay people to answer the questions?
  6. How much will you charge a person to ask a question?
  7. How much will you offer people to work on your site and answer the questions?
  8. Will you offer bonuses or promotions to people who do a good job?
  9. Will you have your customers rate each answer that is given to them?
There are many things to consider before opening up a site. Once you know the answers you can start to advertise. This can be done on Facebook, forums, ask people to write a review about your site, promote your site on all the social media platforms. Basically, you will need to offer a person a form of pay to attract them to your site. Once you can do this, you should be fine. Now all you need to do is prove that you have qualified people working on your site that can help people out. This will be done through word of mouth and as you know a bad review on your site can really damage your site's reputation. 
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Traffic or visitors is very important for any upcoming site. Without it people may not know about your site. There are many ways to get traffic to your site like advertising on forums and on classified ad sites.

Nowadays, social media is becoming popular among the masses. There are a large number of them popular among them being Twitter and Facebook. You can very well use them to pull traffic to your site.
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There is something with this kind of website and that is the need for you to have the resources, times and team that will help you to push up with the plans that you've got for the program. Running a question and answer site is not easy as many will always look at it as it is always essential that we see that there is time for everything that happens on it.

Also, you should setup ways that you will advertise your website on some places where people will see it to join such as social media. Letting people know about the site is very necessary. Do not forget that you should have a reward program as well in place for those members that will joining as I doubt that people will be spending time on a website where they gain no returns from it. So, be realistic when setting up a reward program for that.
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It is a good  thought and I am sure with  proper planning you can achieve your targets,  however for you to get traffics to site  and also to sustain it for a very long time you will need to:

Get a website that is well designed and secure to a very reasonable extent such that it can take your intended traffic volume without crashing.
Finance,  it is very important for you to have enough money to carry out the project cos it takes time for it to be monetize and you will have be rewarding the members on your site prior to your revenue generations.
You can get traffics through ads campaigns social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter,  paid forums etc,  the moment you are rewarding your members as expected their reviews on social media, other online community will auto boost your traffic no doubt about that.
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Yes, you can increase your traffic by new Q/A and also from forum commenting and blog comment. and the best way to increase the traffic and ranking by link building from the high DA website.
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