Of course, every drug has potential side effects and prescription drug interactions. But there has been given ample "evidence that hydroxychloroquine saves lives, speeds up recovery time and cuts down hospitalizations." And it's been one of the safest drugs out there, for say, it has been around for 65 years? 

COVEXIT NEWS: Apr.9,2020. France's esteemed epidemiologist Prof Didier Raoult's  study with his team of colleagues released the results of hydroxychloroquine of 1,061 covid patients. 973 patients within 10 days, "Good clinical outcome and virological cure were obtained in 973 patients within 10 days... no cardiac toxicity."

91 % effectiveness and brushes off doomsday dust! So, why does FDA refuse to take note of this work of this Premier epidemiologist in all of Europe?

Chinese researchers,  released their own retrospective study on Friday, May 1, 2020. And they found equally impressive results in the therapeutic treatment of hydroxychroroquine on patients who were seriosly ill.: "CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE"Hydroxychloroquine treatment is significanytly associated with decreased mortality in critically ill patients with COVID-19 through attenuation of inflammatory cytokine storm..."

Lives on the line in a pandemic crisis, as Prof. Dedier Raoult , Dr. Vladimir Zelenko,  and many good doctors still coming out with testimonies who served at the frontlines;  did what they had to do with what has been available, hydroxychlroroquine to save lives.

We all want that, "save lives", don't we? image

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At first hydroxychloroquine used to be the medicine to cure malaria. If it is doing wonders for corona victims then the better.

Actually the sooner corona is done with the better. We should return to our old normal selves. How I pray this drug can cure covid19.
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Thank you. We will all become well prepared for any crisis (God forbid) that might plague humanity after coronavirus.
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Hydroxychloroquine is suggested by USA for covid 19 treatment. India is exporting it to most of the countries. But few weeks before trump says because of hydroxychloroquine  treatment the number of deaths increased. So I don't think it is right treatment for Covid 19. 
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I don't know the timing of everything. But the mainstream media operatives should stop politicizing. We have the scientists and data. As well as testimonies of thousands who got well because of it.
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