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Can anyone explain a step by step procedure of monetizing the downloadable content in my site?

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On a downloadable website, it might be best to do a few other things to earn money from your site. You can add different money making options on your site to earn from your downloads.

  1. You can try content locking. This will lock your content and a person will need to complete a task in order to download what you're offering. Normally, they pay $1 for each completed task.
  2. You can offer to sell ad space on your website.
  3. You can try affiliate marketing on your website. This will help you earn a commission on items sold from your site.
  4. You can even offer your own digital products for sale. 
  5. You can try to use URL short links on your site. Each time a person clicks on your download link, they are redirected to an advertisement before they can download what you offer.
  6. You can ask your visitors for donations to keep your site up and running.
  7. You also have the pay per click ads that you can add to your site.
All of these are easy to use and will help generate an income from your website. 

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