Lately, a Mayor allowed the release of 50 criminals from prison due to his concerns with coronavirus infecting among prisoners. Dim-witted move. So, tragic re-offense followed. 

Should these criminals have been released? 

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According to me, the greater diaster is an innocent person put to jail. Because If innocent person punished, we can't undo it while we know the truth. That is more painful. 

The criminals will be lock in any other way. 
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Thank you. Good point. And the released hardened criminals can be traced back in to jail,  and justice will be served. 
The damage done on the innocent person is great. He may become a hardened criminal
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Very complicated indeed. All are injustices and a disaster. How can you set a guilty person free and imprison an innocent person? I do not condone with any of the disasters.

So I have not supported nor negated any. It is serious and all are injustices.
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It's hard to choose between these two because it has different effects between the community.
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Both of the deeds mentioned above are the disasters in their department.Setting free the Criminal is the greatest disaster as it will harm everyone.
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This is a silly course of action. I think they should remain in jail for their committed crimes. It is not an excuse to tlet them go because of this virus.
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A guilty criminal getting freed since they are going to commit more crimes which is going to hurt alot of people. Let's say the criminal was a murderer more lives are going to be lost  because of his freedom.
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often when we sayor think expression like these we dont immediattely associate them with blaming the victim. howere , they are still discfreetvways of looking for an answer in the action of the victim
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Both are disasters but the more terrible one is the criminals whose been set free. It may be an eye opener for other criminals to commit more crimes because they'll be free because of an instance
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