What drives you mad or angry is what I mean. What could be the reasons for it? Friends? Stupidity? Expectations of others not met? Can you vent them over here and explain? Writiing them out here might help.
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What drives me mad or angry is the expectations,that my parents have made are not met.It eats me from the inside.The responsibility is for everyone.I had ruined my.life,due to their greeds.It shouldn't be happened.This is the curse of my life.
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I'm sorry these things happen to you. A lot of us have similar devastating experiences from our parents' expectations.

You are never cursed. Just pressured to carry more responsibilities at home. The brighter end of your tunnel is, you can reverse their unmet illogical demands by gaining from the hard challenges your parents have placed upon your young shoulders.

If it's financial, and you have a job and if you still live with your parents, settle with them an affordable amount you can help pay rent, their mortgage, utility bills, and groceries. Save at least, 70% of your salary for yourself so that when you move out and are independent of their crutches placed on you and they can leave you alone.

Be strong and courageous.
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What drives me angry or mad is stupidity. The level of stupidity in one's speech made me angry. While we speak should have some sense. 

Talking behind, spreading fake news is also a stupidity. 
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Stupidity seems to be incurable, doesn't it?  People's stupidity for lack of understanding, for lack of study, for lack of zero proof and evidence-based facts for what they are shouting about drive us mad, don't they?

When people talk behind us for spreading falsehood about us is inconsolable, isn't it?

My advice is if you are asking me, ask that person why. Calmly and cool. Ask them for proof of what this person is making in his/her speech about, to you, is wrong and doesn't feel right or you know he/she is wrong.

If he or she will not answer your question for proof and evidence about their claims, then, present yours.

If they continue with their stupidity for lack of knowledge, it's their peril. Not yours.
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What drive me crazy,  is when my boy friend cheat on my. I always feel bad and so sad. I can't Imagine someone who i trust and respect can cheat on me. 
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Oh, my! Your boyfriend is so wrong and disgusting for cheating on you. Have you done something about staying away or running from that scum?
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The most thing that drives become stress and crazy is this pademic COVID-19. As we know that almost all people in the world loss their jobs. Even that thing happen to me as well, I can say that I'm lucky because I'm not lossing my job but my job only "paused". That's thing drive me become crazy, the flight, job letter and all prepation that I do so well it's must paused.
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To upset, irritate, or annoy one to the point of distraction. It drives me crazy seeing all these people just staring at their phones all day long. Would you stop shouting, you're driving me crazy! 2.
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I got angry when I waited for someone for a long time in a particular and acted like there is nothing happen. I cannot conceal my feelings when it comes to this point. I also do not like being accused of something that is not true. It will make this person unleash my evil side.
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What makes me crazy is when people say something just because they have to say something. I mean, dude, wait and think what are you saying. Its better to keep your garbage mouth shut instead of pouring it all over the place. :angry:

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