Is it hard to alone without relationship, friends. 
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Yes.It is hard to be alone without relationships and friends.We are the witness of that in this pandemic situation.Everyone should be social to remove their evils.Thanks.
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Yes. I can realised in this lockdown period. Thanks for your answer.
Being alone with your feelings is the worst because you have nowhere to run. They're here dancing in your mind and all you can do is handle.
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Humans are social intelligent beings. Restrictions being imposed upon us to isolate ourselves for a very long period of time is unacceptable. When powers-that-be overlord upon us by stunting freedoms and social contact are doing wrong.

On the other hand, if our lives were so busy and there's no room for quiet sweet reflections and introspections for peace of mind and body--- then, being alone and quiet with nature for at least, a month or two, or more, is 'heaven' and refreshing. Ready again to get back to work.
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Well, this question is absolutly nice. So, for me alone is my life, I never have any high relationships except with my family. In my life I always do everthing alone, I feel more peaceful and relax whenever I do something alone.
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i think u did more badly doing things with others cuz u are exactly like me i do things alone but i prefer socially
Those who fly solo have the strongest wings. It is better to be alone sometimes. Why? Because no one can hurt you.
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It's very difficult for some people to be lonely. ... So you just have to make yourself busy if you are so afraid of being lonely and there are not many people with whom you can talk or be around them. In the end according to me loneliness is just a state of mind with which some are comfortable while others not so much.
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I tried this once. At first, I don't mind being alone in my medical mission across the border. I have a random feeling of loneliness if I am not busy there. Although I chose to be in this situation to find myself. It is the best time to think about what should I do once I get back to my homeland.
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No, I don't think that it is hard to live alone because it is hard to choose someone to love but the hardest part of loving is to admit it that you have fallen in love with someone who always cheated with you or who can never be yours. 
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Yes, It is hard to without family and relationship or friends. Because human is a social intelligence being. So it is hard to live alone if our life is not busy.
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It is better to be alone than being with someone who makes you feel alone. In the end, all you will learn is how to be strong alone.
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Yes, it is hard to be alone. We need other people for us to survive in society. Like the saying goes "No man is an island", We cannot do everything by ourselves alone. When we were babies, we needed our parents. And as kids, we needed our families and friends, up until we've grown to be adults we still need friends and our families especially when we feel stressed or when we have problems that we cannot solve on our own. Maybe when we grow older, we will need other people to take care of us and assist us in everything we do because old people need a lot of care same as babies. Everybody needs someone they can lean on, even if others think they can handle everything by themselves, they will still need someone they can trust.
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For me, All my frienships have failed, I have never had a real friendship with anyone of my 19 years of living. It does not have anything to do with the past or trust issues its just its never worked out for me. When you're in a relationship and it fails it kind of sucks I have no gal-friends, or guy-friends to enlighten me and bring me up so I'm here stuck trying to pick myself up on my own and as far as family they never really give me the right advice or affirmation. I do feel alone, I'm not even sure at this point how to find friends anymore at this point I'm honestly really depressed because of it
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It could be if its by force, but if you choose to be alone by yourself then you must be having a way to deal with it. Mostly, being alone or single is seen as a deficit, but it is not, its just there is no person around, but on has lots of other things in life to do and conquer. I have seen single people achieving highest positions and happiness in their lives whereas mingle and too social are just indulged in unfruitful activities most of the time. 


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Yes it is. Humans we were created as social beings. Being alone means more loneliness and you can't enjoy the warmth and comfort from other people. 
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