In real-life situations, there are some children cannot control certain challenges in their lives. Instead of their biological parents who can take care of them, they need to be with their grandparents. The issue is their parents cannot do their parenting responsibility.


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Many  full-time grandparenting roles,--- because biological parents cannot fulfill the responsibility--- have saved abandoned children's lives tremendously.

If grandparents are willing to 'adopt' their abadoned grandchildren, it will be a means of restoration and saving those precious young lives.
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@WhyWeaver I am feeling bad for kids to experience this. It is a matter of makes or breaks the lives of these innocent souls. For parents, they need to take their responsibility seriously.
Parents should do their responsibility honesty and sincerely. Grandparents are great asset to grandchildren.
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Yes. It is good for young people to with their grand parents. While they grow up with their grand parents, they learned discipline and good morals. 

They learn family values. 
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I do believe that grandparents are the best people in the world. They can show their love genuinely. I hope that parents out there can do the same thing for their kids @Sathyabose.
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Yes.It is good for the Young people to live with their Grandparents.Our upcoming generation will come to know about our ancestors.It will create the social environment in the life of people in their Home.It is beneficial for everyone.
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Not at all that the children's parents couldn't support them or take care of them, but they do care for their grandparents more than their parents. They have reason to do that.
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Yes I believe it is good to stay with grandparents. 

There might be many reasons for such a situation, like not staying with parents and have to stay with grandparents. 

But at the same time staying with them will be beneficial too, don't take the words in a wrong manner.

But staying with grandparents will give the children a good support and can inculcate good habits too. At the same time the grandparents will feel of having support with them and will not feel aloof.
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Yes and no, for people who are very busy may be engaged in work, it could be a bit hectic combining work and taking care of grand parents, but for people who are less busy, it will be a nice experience showing affection to old people, so it all depends on schedule and work load.  
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Yes is very good for young people to live with their grandparents. As we known grandparents have more experienced about black and white of the life, so as young people they learn the good thing or the step to be success persons in the future.
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