People have different ways to handle their respective jobs. In your opinion, what is the best way to handle your job responsibilities in a company? Some people are still confused if they need to work quickly or take their time to do their tasks on a daily basis.


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I prefer finishing each task through to the end. Sort of a job-well-done when the job is given within a time frame. And then, I'd take up another, and so on. 
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If we do this religiously, I am sure our performance in a company will be excellent. There are some people who cannot upbeat their jobs because they are not into focus. 

Thank you @Shavkat for your vote of confidence in my answer. I agree with your outlook on work ethics in obtaining excellence, as you say.

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It depends. First thing that should one keep in mind is whatever work we done we should do it perfect and  dedication. Some work needs our time to get perfect result. Some doesn't need time. 
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You have a point here @Sathyabose. I do agree that it depends on what kind of job does. I am sure it also needs to come for deadlines. Time management is the key to do it.
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Yes.I prefer to finish the work quickly.My work is efficient.I work on the freelancing website.You may check my reviews on the websites.Your work will be provided on the mentioned Time.Everyone should work on this.It will save your Time.
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If a person is well-organized, he or she can never go wrong in doing his or her tasks. I must say 'time table' is an old fashion way, but it is still effective in people's lives.
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Yes, We have to complete the work assigned to us in time as per my view. It takes for some people long time but for some lesser time depending on their talent and efficiency. Atleast people who are Lazy, have to try to complete in mean time.
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There are times that some people cannot get this simple principle. In every company, a worker needs to be consistent in carrying out his or her job effectively and efficiently.
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It could be both. If I am not interested in what I am doing I would like time to npass by so I would do it hurriedly, If I like what I am doing, I would like it to come out well so I would take my time.
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I do agree with you. Some people have this kind of episode in their lives. Back in the old days working in a local government agency, I had seen some colleagues who are like this. However, they tend to cram when deadlines are fast approaching with specific target dates.
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Is good to do something in a good manner so if you want it to be better you should do it slowly but perfect. There is no need to do it in a harry and you do it badly, so you are forced to do it again because you did it in a harry but not perfect. 
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I work smartly at a good pace not too fast only to deliver sloppy work, not too slow either to affect productivity; enough that I deliver efficiently and effectively on time as expected by my superiors.
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I usually take my time to finnish my homework. But it doensn't mean that I'm a lazy person, in order to have a good result I do a well research and preparation, and for sure it's take time.
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In my opinion I prefer to take my time in oder to do my work with a lot of  care and professionalism while I am also free from any stress or any kind of disturbance which may affect my work performance.
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I prefer to finish the work quickly instead of ruminating and taking a long time. I make sure that I don't have load and finish the work accordingly. I can tell you based on my experience that often finishing quickly is a good thing too for long term survival in company. 
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