When my family and I moved out of the old house, there are so many things that need to be packed in boxes. However, there are some things that we cannot carry with us to a new house. I suggested having a yard sale instead of throwing them. But then, my family members rejected my proposal. As they claimed that people will not be going to buy then since my city is in lockdown and most of the neighbors are keeping safe at home.

How can we deal with these things that we don't need them anymore?

Would you anyone give a handful of suggestions with this matter?


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If I didn't need something, I find a person who need it and sell it to them. 

Sell to the needy people is my first option. Else I give it to free to my Friends who need it. 
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It is also a good way to share things that we do not need it anymore. Throwing these things will not even save the mother Earth. A friend told me to donate them to churches, so they can be disposed to the needy people who need them.
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I'd sell a lot of them that are still good and useful. 

I hope your parents would change their minds to your favour into selling your things you do not have any use for but someone might. Good luck! 

Congratulations with your new home!
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I think it is a good idea to sell them @WhyWeaver. At least, people can still use them. I will still convince my family after the lockdown. It will be after the 15th of May.
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Sometimes apathy ( People don't want to do ) becomes the serious problem in the life.Everyone should take care of it.They should consult with the Doctor.
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I think you are referring to have a serious mental problem. I do agree that these people need to consult a doctor or specialist. It can lead to suicidal tendencies if not being addressed by a doctor.
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If we are not in a lockdown situation I would also suggest yard sale as I myself do it. Its a practical solution; you are able to get rid of the unwanted clutter and at the same time earn from it. But the condition now does not permit you to do so. I guess the best would be to just give it away to someone who needs it. Your neighbors or friends, anyone near you that you can just easily hand it to them. You could also donate to charity.

If you are willing to invest time, you could try selling your pre-loved items online. You don't have to ship it yourself to the buyer because courier will be the one to collect them from you at home. You know as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Other people might find your old stuff useful.
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Before the lockdown, it was the best option for having a yard sale. Now, it needs to change the idea. As of the moment, all these old stuff packed and seated in the storage room from our old house. If things will be good, we can just donate them to the local church and be used by other people who need them.
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Meditate on why you need to do this. Instead of giving in to distraction, sit there for a minute. ...


Meditate on your fear. ...


Let go of your ideal. ...


Intention, not results. ...


Embrace the suck. ...


Give yourself constraints. ...


Do a little, then get up. ...


Don't let your mind run.
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I am sure I can have a good option to get rid of these things packed in boxes. The best option that I can think of is to donate them to the local churches. They can do what they want after receiving them.
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Any item that is not needed is better off passed on to the less fortunate. Maybe not right now during Covid times for safety precautions. After the pandemic, I highly suggest anyone to donate their unused items to the less fortunate. It could be clothes you have outgrown or no longer want or furniture. Re-homing something that is still good is better than throwing away.
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I do think that these used items will be useful for others. Recently, I registered in one of the local shopping apps in the Philippines. I got the idea of selling second-hand items and it seems a good business on my part for now.
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If you want to sell them you can sell them in used items market, for me things that I don't want I give away for needy people if these items are in good condition and can be used, but if not I threw them.it depends on what I need and what I am able to give away.
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You got a good idea about selling them. Fortunately, I was able to find a shopping app that can sell them. It is better than selling in the local market because of this pandemic thing.
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If you don't need those items that you do not need better give them away or donate them later. If your area is still in lockdown better fix or sorts those things that will give away. When a lockdown is done or if you have the chance to go out bring those giveaway items to the church, or donation stores or give it to your friends if they want something. At least by donating those items you can still help others who are in need of those items since many will be affected by the lockdown. These items can help those people who lack money or are jobless due to lockdown.
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It was a blessing for me to know a shopping app that can sell second-hand goods. In my book, it is better to gain some profit from selling them than selling them offline because of this coronavirus.
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