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When it comes to performance you will not notice anything sooo huge. The speed of both laptops is considered great, even though I still believe that the Air version is slightly faster, as its updated software/hardware account for that.

I also really like how the MB Air is so light, compact and nice to handle. I personally believe the Air version is better than the Pro version, but each person has got his or hers point of view.
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Here are the major differences between the two.

  1. The Mac Book Pro has a 13-inch screen where the Mac Book Pro only has a 12-inch screen.
  2. The price is yet another big consideration when buying one of these. The Mac Book Air comes with two configurations, the 128GB or the 256BG. You can also fit this device with the fastest processor and a 512GB SSD and the cost will be around $1500. The Mac Book Pro doesn't even come with a touch bar. If you want a full-blown model that comes with everything besides the touch bar the price is around $2500.
  3. The dimensions and weight are yet another factor to consider. The two device weight almost the same and believe it or not the Mac Book Air is only a little larger than the Mac Book Pro. What makes the difference is the way the Mac Book Pro is decreased down to give it a thinner look. 
  4. The processor speed is with the Mac Book Pro and it has a much faster processor than the Mac Book Air.
  5. It appears that the Mac Book Air has a longer battery life than the Mac Book Pro. According to Apple the Air will last longer than the Pro. 
  6. You can take a look at the graphic, screen resolution, and other features. But all in all these two devices are a great computer for the money. Basically, the only reason a person would opt for a Mac Book Air is the lower price and your budget. The Air is a bit cheaper to buy. 

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