Any websites that we can earn 100 Rs daily. I am looking for legit sites.
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There is Mylot. It is a good site. I think it is a dot com. It is a discussion site where you earn from responses of others. The value of a response is not known. One is automatically paid if they reach a payout of $5 the previous month. On 15th the money is automatically credited to PayPal.

It is a legit site that I frequent. I have cashed out there since 2018.
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Thanks for your answer. I have not heard about Mylot before. After your answer, I have tried it and hope will reach minimum payout soon. 
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There are a lot of legit websites,that pay through the 'Paypal'.You may search on the 'Google' for the same.Some websites are 'Weegy,Earn,Help Owl,Chegg,Inbox Dollars,Swagbucks'.
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Thanks for your answer. I already knew about Chegg, Inbox Dollars, Swag Bucks. But I need some sites that pay little high pay than this.
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Accourding to my experienced , I have 3 suggested site that really pay you. Because I already proff by my self, those website such as :

  1. Mindsumo
  2. School solver
  3. Study pool
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One of the legit sites is , another is, you get paid based on your efforts by answering questions and interacting with other members, payments are on monthly basis.
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Ibotta. Ibotta (pronounced “I bought a”) is a get paid to (GPT) shop app. ...

Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is a paid online survey website that pays you for every survey you take. ...

Swagbucks. ...

Rakuten. ...

MyPoints. ...

PrizeRebel. ...

Dosh. ...

Pinecone Research.
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There are many sites that use PayPal to pay. Such include answeree, mylot, Paidview point, user crowd among others. You get to a site be sure to check their payment method before you can start. 
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