In some countries, the locals tend to be harsh with their pets. It cannot be denied that some of them eat dog meat. It is an issue that a pet lover cannot accept it. Then, why do they need to have a pet? If they are going to hurt and be killed by them, then how can we stop this?


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 People have pets because they like animals companionship and  they feel comfortable when they are with their pets around them and for those who have pets but they can't protect andeven end up killing them the solution to stop these kind of  behaviour is government should set strict laws that protects pets.
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This is the best solution. The local government needs to create a strict law to stop violating the rights of animals. However, some people will bring out the issue of eating domestic animals. I think it needs to be more specific to cover this issue.
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For comfort. To have some sense of completeness by caring for a 'furry friend' or a pet. For protection. Some simply have so much love and kindness to give.


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I also noticed that single people want to have them for companionship. At some point, it is a good idea to take good care of furry animals in their lives. At least, they are treating them as their own kids.
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It depends. Some have so much love for pets. Some using for their safety. Some using for money. There are different reasons for it. But ultimately the love is the first reason.
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For pet lovers, I do think that they wanted to make their lives complete. Some people claimed that if a person knows how to take good care of an animal or a plant, then he or she can love others unconditionally.
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People have pets because they provide the security to our Home.They are the best Friends of Human being.They create the healthy environment for everyone.
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These pets are loyal to their owners. They are members of the family. With this matter, they can defend their owners at all costs. Moreover, they are good companions.
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there are so many reason why people have pet 

1. People have pet to not feel sad 

2. Pet serve as a supporter to a person 

3. Pet is very useful to people  

4. Pet can help people in solving some problem 

As so on that the reason while pet is useful
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To sum it up, pets are good companions for the people to have. I bet most single souls love to have their own pets in their houses.
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The most of people have pets because pets are comforting companies.They keep us healty and relieve stress. The most popular pets are dogs and cats. Studies show that there are more families wuth dogs than cats, but the total number of pet cats outnumbers dogs.
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I do think dogs and cats are common pets around the world. I also fascinated with people who have strange pets in their lives.
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Pets are comforting companion. They keep us healthy and relieve stress. They play and show us love.  They keep us from being lonely.
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That's the reason why some people prefer to have their pets than dealing with other humans.
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I think brother people have petsbecause they are like to pets and they feel confertable also. Animals also feel good. Pets are care of our boss. Pets are also cute.
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Indeed that we need to have pets in our lives. But then, we need to be responsible for taking good care of them.
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It gives people confort, they can be an emotional support animal. They can be a source of income (horses riding). A food source (farm animals). 
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Pets like friends like your little son

You can play with them, have fun, tell them your problems they will listen of course hahahaha
It's your loyal friend maybe people prefer animals than a human to be his or her friend 
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In my view, having pets can bring true happiness for those who are animal lovers. For example, a single person and wanting to be in this situation forever. But then, he or she can have their loyal companions and these are their pets in life.
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