Imagine yourself that a company offered you two positions, a low and a high job position.  Which one are you going to choose? As it was given in this situation, you must be going to choose the high job position title. However, it wasn't a job that you are looking for. What's your call on this matter?


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When I am told to choose between those two positions I would choose that  i qualified and I like the job it doesn't matter as love I love what I am doing I am fine with that.
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I also think that it is better to have a qualified job. It would not be a good thing if trying a job that can make you incompetent in the long run.
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It would depend on the job descriptions of both.  It involves knowing who you are, and what you are and are not willing to tolerate.  For instance, if I had a choice between being a police officer and a gardener, and the police officer position paid more than the gardener, I would still accept the position of gardener.  Why?  The gardener position would be less stressful, and I would be much happier than I would be as a police officer.

Does that answer your question? :) I hope it helps!

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At some point, you have an idea about this matter. It could be having a job position that does not meet a person's expectations. 
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It depends on the Job profile, Company profile and Learning Opportunity. If I love the Job description, I will choose the Job. We should learn everything that comes in our way. 
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It is the best thing to do. To know the job qualifications. Prior to accepting the job, it is also better to know more about the company before signing the contract.
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Based on my perspection I'ii take that challenge as long as that jobs still relevant with the job that I looking for. For the example I looking for accounting staff but the company over me a job as supervisor accounting. I believe that in order to become succes person we have to be brave and break out limit. Just take the challenge first and next steps we have to learn and focus in our new job.
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In the past I have chosen a job that I was over qualified for because I didn't want a lot of stress. The money was less but I knew I would not have been happy in the higher paid job and I might not have lasted. I still think it was the right decision.
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Make it tailored: As with any job application, if you're overqualified, you should make sure your resume focuses on how your experience matches the job you want. ... Include qualifications that are the strongest match to the job, and consider what you might leave off your resume in order for it to be a better match.
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