Bot is an acronym for before our time. Most think bot is robot. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to improve life as we now know it? If it’s for all of us, why not?
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You can help inline with your ability, if the need is great you can form a partnership with wealthy individuals or companies to assist others. Help sometimes mustn't be physical, it could be encouragement, and anything that will spur the people up. 
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Making the list of the tasks that can be done on time. I think that is what makes the things pretty much possible in the long run. I think on that note I'd say that we should be thinking about making sure we can break our tasks and make sure to do the most out of from that. So we need to understand where and how much our time is divided for the tasks. 
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When you start trying harder than someone else. When you try really hard and they take it for granted, or don't make any effort at all. Whenever one party tries harder than the other, its over. Have some self-respect and move on.
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Firstly, thanks for the meaning of bot.

The world is changing due to the existence of human beings. Everything that we do directly affects our universe. For a beeter world we need to reclaim the natural forests that have been cut down, protect the waters by avoid oil spillage, avoiding air pollution and living together and upholding values which are considered human to make this planet a better place for everyone. 
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I think before our time, life is not complicated. Now, it is becoming more complicated. Even coronavirus is being created to make lives around the world upside down.
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