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i need work online that can help me to pay bills and buy my own needs
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Do you have any special skills? There are plenty of earning sites out there but most of them offer very little, certainly not enough to live off. For most people who work online it is just beer money but perhaps if you have marketing skills you could earn more.
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I will suggest that best way to make money online is not through these sites that pay measly amounts when you are working for them. If you have the needed resources and expertise, you can go start your own online business like blogging on any niche you know you have ample knowledge on. From there you can make yourself a fortune.

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Yes there is especially if you're good in writing.

Freelancing is the main online job that pays well and if you had the required skills then you can be guaranteed at least $100 per month.If you can try then check up work, fiverr, ifreelace among other freelance sites.

Also, you can write articles, with articles you can earn upto $150 per article.And say you can see, that amount isn't less,I means that it requires high quality articles and must be unique.If interested, I suggest you try Iwriter.

Also you can try well paying forums like beer money forum, paid forum posting, the forum wheel and postloop. With these forums you can earn $5 daily and you plus other earning ways above,then you can make a good earning each month.
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thank you so much im going to try those sites
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There are a number of ways to work online and earn a decent living. It will all depend on you and your skill set. If you've never worked before this could be a bit of a problem to actually land a good work at home job. Today many companies are hiring freelancers to work from home and complete different jobs. Here are a few ways that you can make decent money online:

  1. Become a virtual assistant. There are many companies who hire a virtual assistant to do office work, schedule meeting, answer emails, and other job duties depending on the person or company you are working for. 
  2. Invest in virtual farming. This is one of the best investment opportunities out there today. In the Philippines, there are three companies who help local farmers. If you only invest $100 you are guaranteed a return on your investment. Even if there is a problem with the crops, the farmers have a second growing season to grow their crops again and pay back the investors.
  3. You can work for a website, blogs, and online magazine writing exclusive content for the website or blog owners. This pays so much more than working for a content mill. 
  4. There are many companies who hire mystery shoppers. As a mystery shopper, you can make good money completing the assignments.
  5. Check out online job boards. There you can find some good paying jobs that allow you to work full time or part-time.
  6. You can work at home as a call center agent. Many companies are in desperate need of people who can work in their home and help their clients.
  7. Become an online tester, you can test different website, apps, products, or even online shopping site. 
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There are so many ways you can make money online and it will much better if you have the needed skills.Working online without a marketable skills will not get you the big jobs and money you desired.

If you have the skills then you need to get to some freelancing sites like up works, fiverr, just5k,peopleperhour,freelancer etc to get jobs on programming, designing,coding, SEO services,crafting and lots more.

But if you have no skills you don't need to worry  because there are still some niches that needs little or no skills at all. You can get into the paid to post niche just sign up on many PTP sites and be active on them,you are already here then you can add postloop, forum coin, forum wheel,youcashchat and mylot to it.

You can also earn from clicking ads on PTC sites and solved captcha for pay from sites like

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