As we know, many gyms are opening up again across the states. Do you think it is safe to go back to gym in the current situation or a little more patience would've been better for future?
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It shoud be very alright to reopen gyms.

Those individual gym admins know and understand safer protocols.

Those who are not comfortable going to the gyms nearby, they should stay home.

Those who are unwell and would not morally want to infect healthy people around them, should quarantine themselves at home and get well.
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Yes. Across US the Covid-19 cases are increasing day by day and death also increased. Many Gyms are opened across U.S. I hope all safety measures are taken. So it is safe to use Gym. Those who are unhealthy stay home.
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No. I don't think that it is safer to go back again. The pandemic has affected the World.  Everyone is suffering this Time. People has lost their social life. Since,this Disease spreads through the Coughs, so it is not safe to open the lockdown.
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i know this is an old news. yes, many have opened by now and i wish they are careful of people and their health. also, i hope people should be aware as well.
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Yes, it safe. Most of the gym will increse their attention about hygyne & sanitation. Just like prepare more hand sanitation, more often sanitase thier hym equitment, and the point is use covid protocol. Now, it's depend on the person who use that gym, if they aware about safety and follow the covid protocol everything it's gonna be safe.
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