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Which is the best tablet to prevent bloating due to gas?


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Spazyme Syrup is 100% Natural Syrup and complete ayurvedic Solution for gastric problems. H2 Blockers or histamine 2 Blockers which include cimetidine, rantidine, nizatidine. You can permanently cure gastric problem by using the following methods:

1) Let it Out

2) Pass stool. A bowel movement can pass gas.

3) Eat Slowly 

4) Say no to straws

5) Quit Smoking

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None. I'm an advocate for no-drug therapy. 

  • Before eating, take a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar-- an essential element in the digestive process
  • Eat slowly. Chew your food carefully.
  • Reduce high-carbs (rice, potatoes...) during every meal. Helps with the metabolism process.

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