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Computer games and gaming gadgets are getting their popularity day by day. Are these games good for children? Is it a waste of time? What are the advantages and disadvantages of gaming? Do games have any effect on brain development in children?

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it depends on the game there's a logic, puzzle, drawing, coloring games for kids that can help your child's brain to have a good memory. it is also important on how they manage their time playing games. because if they are spending too much time on games this will be not good to their health. specially if they dont have activity outside. they still need a proper exercise. sports is still the best instead of playing games online. 
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For sure that's not the best solution for spending time. Children are formed their habbits faster that adults, I think you should pay your child (children) attantion on something else: sport, drawing or something else. I like to play different games, exspecially I like to play slots http://moneyonlineslots.com/slots-by-themes/cleopatra-slots/ this is great way to earn some cash and spend your time well when you'll go to work.

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There are many reasons for us to exercise our brains, such as increasing our ability to concentrate on work, learn or simply to maintain our ability to think. Whatever the reason, remember to maintain training habits to avoid memory loss later. There are many popular brain training apps that are helpful in improving the mind and are suitable for all ages.
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Nowadays children are sticking to computer games ,video games ,the main disadvantage is there are missing physical activity..They are not playing any sports outside just sticking with video games ,that might cause obesity and it's not good for children eye sight too.

The next disadvantage is that there will be less communication within the family , parents should limit the time and spend with them . should set a proper timings to play video games.

Video games might give pleasure while playing but when it is limited that will be no problem for them.

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