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Bought a new pair of contact lens for my daughter. Where should I keep these lens safely? Should I keep it in fridge? After searching on internet I got even more confused. Many suggestions but can't take a decision. Is it good to store eye lens in refrigerator?

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Contact lens should be always kept in dust free environment. That's why it has got a sterilized protective cover. No need to keep lens in refrigerator. There is no use of keeping contact lens in fridge.
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Contact lenses are more like spectacles and all lenses that come from the doctor do come with protective cover.There's no need of keeping them in a refrigerator because they'll get wet and you'll need to wipe them.The more you wipe them the more you will end up destroying them. All you have to do is store them in a cool and clean place away from dust.
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I wear contact lenses and have done for many years. I've never even heard of anyone keeping them in the fridge. As long as they are stored in the correct solution they will be fine at room temperature. 

If you are worried about it you could always get daily disposables which don't need storing at all. I wear these and find them so easy, a new pair every day.
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I started to wear contact lens when I was 13 years old. I have worn them for more than 45 years. In all the years I've worn the contacts, I've never once stored them in a refrigerator. When I buy new contacts I normally order 2 pairs at the same time. This is in case one gets broken or lost. I need my contacts and if one is lost or broken I can't wait for a replacement to come. My second set of contacts is stored in the lens case it comes in. Once every two weeks I change the liquid in the case so the lenses don't dry out or become brittle. I have stored my second set of contacts like this for years. I keep the case cleaned and filled with the solution to keep the contacts safe and in good condition.

In the evening when I remove my contacts there is a storage case that comes with the solution. I clean and wash the case before adding my contacts. After I fill the case with the solution for the evening. This cleans and conditions the contacts. The cleaning process normally takes 6 to 8 hours to complete. Some solutions may irritate the eyes and these are not good. You will need to test the different solutions on your daughter's eye to make sure there is no burning or stinging. In some cases, this is because if the case is not set in the upright position and laid down. The solutions need to be in an upright position in order to work correctly. Always follow the instructions on the cleaning and storing solutions. This is very important for your eyes and do not have problems when you put the contacts in the next day. 

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