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Should contact lens be kept in fridge?

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asked Jun 11, 2017 in Others+Miscelleneous by Lena Williams
Bought a new pair of contact lens for my daughter. Where should I keep these lens safely? Should I keep it in fridge? After searching on internet I got even more confused. Many suggestions but can't take a decision. Is it good to store eye lens in refrigerator?

2 Answers

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answered Jun 24, 2017 by Sneha Takur
Contact lens should be always kept in dust free environment. That's why it has got a sterilized protective cover. No need to keep lens in refrigerator. There is no use of keeping contact lens in fridge.
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answered Feb 23 by Bandagecall Level 3 (2,030 points)

May you tell me, why have you decided to buy to your daughter exactly contact lens? Cause now I'm thinking and can't decide between them and such type of glasses The vision is good enough but not perfect. Wanna prevent eye strain first of all.

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