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This might sound  a little funny but I need tips on how to reduce puffy cheeks. Any special diet or exercise? 
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There are facial exercise that you can do like tapping the part of your cheek after the bone and exercising like stretching your mouth and then seriously pout like a goose and doing it 20 times can trim your cheek. 
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Exercise is the key. The more you exercise the more you would lose the fat on every part of your body including your face. You can also from time to time grip your cheek from the inside of you mouth by holding it for some minutes. 

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Do facial exercises like smiling, jaw opener,fish lip among other exercises. These exercises help in strengthening your jaws.

Drink a lot of water.When you don't drink water the extra little water is preserved in the cheeks making your face look puffy.

Avoid drinking alcohol because they'll end up adding calories to your body.

Finally, take a lot of fruits and vegetables, they'll make you look very healthy because of the vitamins they provide your body with.
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Honestly this sounds really funny, when people are busy thinking of how to reduce their tummies you want to reduce your cheeks. Let me ask this how do we get big cheeks is it through eating or is it just genetic and cannot be changed, just asking.  Am shocked to read here that we have jaw and cheek exercises that are meant to reduce cheeks. All i have know is face exercises that are meant to firm the skin around the cheeks and eyes, but anyway am hoping that will help.
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People post here to get answer.You answer can even demoralise someone surely
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You will definitely need to change your eating habits for sure. First off if you are a sweet eater this will have to go. Instead of picking up cookies, chips or ice cream, you'll need to pick up a piece of fruit instead.

  • Cut down on your food intake and reduce the amount of food you put on your plate at night. 
  • It is best to eat smaller meals during the day and have a healthy snack in between meals. That means fruit, carrot sticks, cucumbers, or other types of veggies like this can easily be eating as a snack during the day.
  • If you drink beer on a daily basis even two or three glasses, you should stop this and only have a few beers on the weekend. Try to stop drinking beer during the week. I know summer is here and everyone loves a cold beer when they get home. You'll need to drink lemonade or something like this from now on.
  • Increase your water intake. You should be drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.
  • Stay away from fried foods such as french fries. Instead of grabbing a burger and fries for lunch try grabbing a salad and some fruit. Try not to use too much salad dressing on the salad because this just adds extra calories that you are trying to avoid.

Every night after work take a walk, jog, or ride a bike. You need to get out more and exercise.

There is no magical cure for losing weight and losing your fluffy cheeks. Good luck and hope this helps. 

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I don't find it funny ,all people suffer from various fat issues, you need to particularly concentrate on cheeks exercises.

Before starting of exercises you need to concentrate on a balanced diet, take more fibre content foods which helpful to reduce fat, you need to do exercise which reduce the cheeks fat like blowing balloons , filling your mouth with air , blowing balloons can make the face muscle stretch  and you can feel good .

Take lots of water, start your day with a glass of water.
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