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I've noticed that some posts on here are so hard to figure out what a person has said. As English is my second language and not my first, I've always found it very helpful to use Ginger add-on for Chrome. This is just a grammar and spell checker that will help you identify your errors. It will underline the words in red and give you an idea of how to spell it or if you need to add a comma. Has anyone ever used this? I find it very helpful for small errors and to improve the readability of what you've said. 

It is free to download and use and works on all your internet sites. I love it. 

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Ginger is very useful for everyone especially when you are going to use it to the sites like this, as far as I remember they also offer referral program when someone use it and purchase the premium one, premium or a free user this app is very useful, I have this app on my desktop when I’m at home but right now I’m not using it since I’m currently outside of my house, I also use this app on other sites that requires me to type long sentences pr paragraph, In the same time

the app is teaches us on how to use words or letters properly on every sentences that we typed. Overall it is very useful 10/10 since it offers free service for everyone

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