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There are lots of ways to increase e-commerce conversion. 

1. Work on the Product Images

2. Improve your Product Description

3. Incorporate Testimonial Videos

4. Exclude the Shipping Cost

5. Include Product Reviews

6. Improve the Quality of the CTA Button

7. Make Contact Details Visible

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To increase the e-commerce conversion rate here are some tips.
1) Give full details of the product you are selling as much as you can.
2) Your website should have a responsive customer support.
3) Display user reviews and testimonials on your site.
4) Give offers and deals
5) Descriptive images or hiw it works videos can enhance your sale.
6) Give the dimensions of the product correctly, if applicable.
7) Describing the applicable areas and various uses of the product can make leads to sale.
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A few tips on SEO and SMO for improving your e-commerce conversion are as follows:

1. Facebook carousal ads

2. Google display with search network ads.

3. Website optimization

4. Mobile optimization.

5. Including e-wallets

6. Chatbots

For more information visit - https://www.getfriday.com/blog/seven-e-commerce-trends-for-2017.
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Apart from complete seo i.e search engine optimization, google analytics or any other analytics is needed to increase conversion rates.

You need to analyze the analytics data, user behaviour, exit pages etc to reduce bounce rate. To reduce bounce rate, you need to improve popular exit pages by means of improved content, images, videos, proper and complete products and services information etc. Once bounce rate reduces, it will automatically increase conversion rates. 

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