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Wedding Reception and Ceremony
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wedding ceremony are those ceremony take place when peoples are united at marriage and these are different according to customs, religions , traditional and believes

wedding receptions these are those party take after the completion of wedding ceremony , and these may be a music, dancing, and mostly done as a reception to those attended to wedding ceremony to unite them as a single family to be happy and enjoying  together

it is not necessary to start with wedding ceremony and followed by wedding reception its depend on the Traditional and religious believes, the main difference is that wedding ceremony is those ceremony take place according to the wedding action while wedding reception is just a part that can be done at other place. 
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Wedding ceremony is the main event of uniting the couples into a holy matrimony called marriage while wedding reception is the aftermath event designed as an extension of the wedding ceremony to create enjoyable moments as the couples invitees eat and drink and merry at the event.
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Wedding ceremony is the wedding itself where the couple say their vows and their I dos, whereas the wedding reception is the party held after the wedding ceremony as a way of thanking the people who attended the wedding.

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the difference between wedding ceremony and wedding reception are the wedding ceremony is where two people are united. promise to love and take care each other till death do us part and signing the marriage contract. there is a lot of kind of wedding ceremony depend on the religions. after the wedding ceremony it will be followed by a wedding reception. the wedding reception is where you are going to celebrate the wedding day also by showing hospitality to those people who attend the wedding.
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Wedding ceremony to me is letting everyone know that two people would be allow by law to cohabit legally while the reception is playing host to the people that came to witness the binding and entertaining them in anyway possible.
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A wedding ceremony is more like a formal gathering where a couple gets united by taking vows and rituals depending on faith, religion, lifestyle and culture. Every one of these has certain rules governing how the ceremony will be done. 

While a wedding reception is a social gathering which usually comes after the wedding ceremony. Friends and family usually come to congratulate the couple on their wedding. There's usually lots of entertainment and refreshments at the reception. 
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Wedding ceremony comes before wedding reception.. In wedding ceremony couples get married to each other with the customs and rituals of their families or culture with certain wedding vows and in wedding reception a social gathering is being arranged by the wedded couple to receive blessings and love of their elderly and the loved ones...

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A wedding ceremony is the function carried out according to one's religion to which they belong to solemnize or make the marriage official. On the other hand, a wedding reception is the function organised to celebrate the wedding that have been held previously and solemnized by the respective religious pundits or heads of the religion one belongs.   

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