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How many Social platforms can i use for my online business.
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There are lots of social media that come out, you can choose them all or choose only one.

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There are many social network platforms available to us for use, most popular among them being twitter and Facebook. Regarding how many social platforms you can use, you have to work on two or three initially and see which one brings you good results and then you can stick to it. It is because what works for one person may not work for another. Moreover, your time also counts.
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There are many social platforms you can use to advertise your businesses. Some of the websites I happen to know are facebook, instagram, twitter and telegram. It requires you to post relevant information and to relevant people in the platforms in order for them even to share to their other friends. The platform advertisement is easy since you can do it at the comfort of your sit.
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Social Media is the best source of business promotion nowadays.. So it depends on your business, to what category it actually belongs... You can create an ad campaign on Facebook though Facebook ads or either you can simply create your business page on Facebook and can promote it worldwide by creating engaging posts and links, then you can promote your business by creating Twitter account and opting for twitter ad campaign, YouTube ad campaign on videos can also help you, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram are other such sources of promotion..

Hope this helps!
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There are a lot of social media platforms:

Facebook- this is the most used platform by many people.You can post your ads on Facebook.I'll suggest you create a Facebook page and get good number of followers. Facebook group is still good but not as well as Facebook page.

Instagram is another platform good for marketing. You can create a handle for advertising. We have twitter also and tumblr.

Another good platform is WhatsApp. You join any WhatsApp group and advertise your business there.
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You can use as many social media platforms as you want. All of the platforms come with their perks. For you time and other activities that you might be involved in, I suggest you limit It to the top three social media I think people use. Facebook ,twitter and instagram that is. 

Amongst these, facebook is the most sort after when it comes to business online. There's a facebook page specially dedicated for business that you can create and organise your e-commerce. Remember facebook has more than a billion active users. So think about the number of audience you are likely to reach. That alone is a huge advantage. 
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Nowadays you can make use of all social media platforms for business online.Everyone are making use of them and being very successful in it

You can use Twitter , Facebook , YouTube, you should keep promoting your business as much as you can , you can use WhatsApp also.you should promote your YouTube channel with business videos.
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