What are the benefits of Online Trading?
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Online trading is the act of selling and purchase financial products online. The trader buys and sells on online trading platforms. Financial products includes bonds, stocks, futures, all international currencies and all other financial instruments.The benefits of doing online trading is more control and flexibility. Lower fees, easier to invest too fast too easy. 
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Hey there, 

I agree with sathyabose, Online trading is an act of buying and selling products through an online trading platform. Stocks, bonds, options and digital currencies can all be traded online. These platforms are normally provided by Internet brokers and are available to every person who wishes to try and make money from the market.

if you are considering online trading, tread with caution. There is a few benefits of online trading that you should know about: 

1. You can monitor your investments anytime.

2. It almost eliminates the middleman.

3. Faster transactions. 

4. Better understanding of one's money

5. It is cheaper and convenient.
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Below some benefits of online trading :

  • Lower fees
  • More control and flexibility
  • Ability to avoid brokerage bias
  • Acces to online tools
  • Option to monitor investments in real time
  • easier to invest 
  • No personal realtionship with brokers
  • Addictive nature
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This idea is good. However, it is not the right time to be engaged in this business since we are still in a pandemic situation. I am sure it will be beneficial if the coronavirus will be running low.
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By online trading I guess you mean FOREX, bonds etc do you mean sites you can sell goods. I can's advice on FOREX because I had a negative my negative experience, but if you mean trading goods then you can refer to Amazon which is a popular website. 
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Lower fees.

More control and flexibility.

Ability to avoid brokerage bias.

Access to online tools.

Option to monitor investments in real time.

Easier to invest too much too fast.

No personal relationships with brokers.

Addictive nature.
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