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Is pain after intercourse normal? Should I keep an interval between intercourse? It's paining for me whenever me and my husband make a sex. Is it normal? What is a remedy for relieving pain?
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This is definitely not normal. From the advices i have heard being given, you could be suffering from some kind of infection. You need to see your gynaecologist for treatment before it progresses on and causes you more harm than good. Do not ignore this especially if you bleed during or after intercourse it could be a serious problem.

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No Its not normal... Sometimes you can experience pain when the penetration is deep but its not always during Intercourse... I think you should consult a Gynecologist for your problem... Its better you should consult as early as possible because this can be due to infection in your uterine area....

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Painful intercourse is also known as "dyspareunia." This underlying problems during, after or even just before sexual intercourse is not restricted to certain diseases and infection as is seen with stds, urinary tract infection etc There are other possible causes of pain during sex. It could be that you are not relaxed as you ought to be due to fear or perhaps trauma. This affects your psychology hence You may experience difficulty during penetration. Sometimes, spasm occur in your vaginal walls. This makes penetration painful.

Other times, it could be as a result of insufficient lubrication in the vagina. In this case, you should consider some form of lubricants. Rough sex has also been reported to be one of the Causes of painful sex. If you are free from infections, you must try to learn how your body works, stay relaxed and be mentally prepared whenever you want to have sex with your husband. If not, see a doctor.
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