I wonder the game freak kids can make money on gaming online. Do anyone make real money through gaming?
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Play in famous servers among best players. Record your gameplay and upload on video platforms like Youtube. Gain views, maintain your channel and as soon you reach the maximum number of reach, youtube will payout.  

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It is possible to make money through gaming. Maybe not so much in playing the game unless you're really good at it. But there are other ways this can earn you money.

  1. Gaming websites that write up reviews on the latest games earn tons of money as an affiliate marketer. They write a review about a game and post it on the site. They will link the game to the review. If a person buys the game through their site they earn a commission on the sales of the game. 
  2. A gaming company wants to get their game out on the market and they need people to buy it. So what do they do? They contact people to write up a review about their site and they pay them for the review. Furthermore, you add a link to the new game and when a person buys it from your site, you earn a commission on the sales of the game.
  3. YouTube is a really good way to make money as a gamer. You can create videos about games, hints, and ways to advance and post them on your YouTube channel. You will earn money from YouTube if your channel can meet the qualifications, you can also advertise in your links and earn money as an affiliate marketer for the game.
  4. They have online gaming sites that pay you to play. Normally you must enter a challenge and you can win the jackpot if you are the winner of the game.
  5. Furthermore, they have other game apps that you can download on your phone to play. They are games like trivia, Garfield Go and stuff like this. Normally these are passive income games.
This is a list of possibilities a person can earn money from gaming If you play, advertise, or just teach people some tips and tricks there are many possibilities to earn money with games. 
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Yes we can make money by playing there are multiple methods ill share you my personal experience 

1 I play game called dota 2  its a very famous game in steam, they have there thing called items drop early years they used to drop items and skins  after every game now as the players has increased they have reduced the dropping system the items which we get is worth some $  what we can do is sell our items to other players or there are many sites where we can trade our items for money this trick u can do in games liek cs go,fortnite,pubg,leage of legends etc.Also you can even sell your account if u have good ranking 

2 In this method if ur a good player you can just signup your account on twitch and just share your gaming videos to the audience ,you can earn tons of money from that site,there are many professional players who play the game and do the commentary those videos they share it on twitch and people stream those game videos.most common games gta 5,dota2 ,lol,pubg etc do checkout there sites it will help you to earn good money

3  Another method is that you can check if there is any game testing or game debugging job near your locality.Well all you have to do in those jobs is just play new games find the bugs or any glitches in the game and you get paid for that.Salary is good so goodluck:)

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Yes,people are making money through gaming.There are lot of games apps one can make money from.You just have to  install them and play to win some coins that can be turn into cash. You can try swagbuck and grabpoints these two are legit and paying.

Money can be made from playing pre- release games and giving ones honest reviews.you can try playtestcloud.com,sign up and make some money from testing games.

You can have your own games channel where you can upload your play game,you can teach people how to play the different games you know.Monetize the channel with Google AdSense and other means to make money,you could also even get donations from gamers to help maintain the channel.

You can be a professional gamer playing games online for money.just get to online gaming sites and play away for money.
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