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I don't want that auto correction feature on my phone. It always make more mistakes to me. How can I make this auto correct feature off?
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You should have mention the phone company and model for precised answer, but mainly the procedure is as follows

Go into settings andimage

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You haven't mentioned which phone you use, so you will get answer from people who use experience of their phone.

Common way to turn off your autocorrect in IOS device is to follow this instruction -

Go to "Settings"->

Go to "General"->

Go to "Keyboard" ->

Go to "Auto-Correction"->

Off the position

To turn off in Android device-

Go to Settings

Go to Language & Input

Go to Active Keyboard

Go to Text correction

Off the Position

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Under the settings tab of your smart phone click on language and input option. After tapping the Language and input option you will find an option Google Spell Checker or Auto correct (it depends on your phone you are using). You can tap on that option and you will find an option stating turn off spell checker. So you can tap on that option and can turn off the spell checker.

Hope this help you!
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Yeah at times you might end up typing something that you never intended to type.What I think you should do:

If you're using an Android phone,then you should change the keyboard to Japanese keyboard.That kind of a keyboard that uses alphaberical order. The only problem is that its always slow.

Also you can download a keyboard in the google playstore.The downloaded one's normally do not had the auto correct function.

The problem with those keyboard with no autocorrect function is that,you might miss the correct spelling for a certain word and you'll be required to go back and check the dictionary first thus wasting time.

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