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There is a popular q&a site called quora, which having many features and tons of experts to answer your questions. There you can be popular by answering people. Then why should one join here. Apart from some money making what can one expect here from Answeree.


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In Quora you will get information to the question being asked but that site dont pay you any money for answering to the question they only pay to the employers of the quora site whereas answeree pays money for all good answers which you post  and if there is any upvote then you can earn more .Also i think quora was giving some knowledge prize of 200$-100$ if they find the answers very nice this is the far knowledge  i have from both the sites.I would say  answeree is the best website compared to quora  cause if u can see few answers which is there are in quora are fake and here i can see in answeree the answers are very legit, so answeree is a promising site also you can earn money easily which is helpfull to anyone who is doing work from home
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Quora is a Q & A site that has been online for many years and is well established. They allow experts to work on the site and answer questions people ask. However, these people are no longer earning for their knowledge and the answer they supply to people. There are many different Q & A sites online today that work similar to this. Some of them require a person to pay to ask a question and get their answers, where other sites will just allow people to answer questions and not earn from their answers. 

Answeree is a site that has been here for a few years now. In the past, they paid people for answering questions based on how many page views, likes, or best answer they had on the site. Their older paying model took much longer to earn money from the site. Recently, Answeree has redone their site and their paying model. Today you can earn for each answer you supply on the site that is 300 characters or longer. You will also earn if a person likes your answer you've given. The site is working hard to redo their website, help people earn a passive income, and open the site to anyone who wants to join. Where other Q & A sites that pay will make a person pay to ask their question and receive their answer. These sites will require a person to prove they are an expert in one field or another before they are allowed to join the site. 

Answeree now has a good paying model for the site where Quora has none. 
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The major difference between quora and answeree is that the later pays and quora doesn't. Another difference is that quora has been around for many years now unlike answeree.Also, one of the major differences also is that quora has huge population unlike answeree.The last difference between quora and answeree is, you'll get answers faster in quora when you ask a question due to large population unlike here on answeree.
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I feel new people (not all) just here for the offer by site. 
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The difference between answeree and quora:

I do not know how far it is correct to compare the two different sites on question and answers. Anyway, the following things can be mentioned.

1. Answeree is the new site. Quora is an established site.

2. Answeree pays for the answers given by its user members to the questions asked by various people even anonymously. Quora does not pay for the answers given on that site.

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