Is it possible as in the wild west films, a dollar coin shoot trough or shoot a can higher and higher?
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You can ask it in film industry also. They know about it mostly. You can go and search in Google  you will get the result. But you can ask in any of your friends/ relatives who worked in defense. 
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Penetration is something about occurs when a projectile enters a tartget without passing through it and perforation accours when the projectile complletely passes though the target, but the word penetration is commonly used to refer to either. About the guns is commonly kind of deadly weapon.
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In short, if the gun is used negligently, a gun owner may end up in court. But if the gun is used intentionally and criminally, the owner isn't responsible.
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As always Google can give you some information on that and also try asking from people who work in forces or your frsnd people whom you trust am sure you will get good answers from them too. 
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