hey guys can you suggest me the websites or the  methods to earn money online without investing if you know any please do share it thankyou
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Everyone wants to have an extra source of income so that you can enjoy all the luxuries in life. I was also looking for one such way and so surfed various websites to decide the appropriate one for me.

Some of the most popular ways to earn money online in 2018 are as follows:

1. You can conduct online surveys

2.  Get paid for net surfing

3.  Start an eCommerce store

4. Start web designing

5. Play interesting games at situs poker online terpercaya

6. Get paid for reviewing websites

Affiliate marketing is one way to go. Needs a little investment but its all worth it, believe me.

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Today there are so many ways to earn a full-time, part-time or passive income online. This will all depend on what your interests are:

  1. To start off with you have tons and tons of money making apps, from rebates, shopping, mystery shopping, playing games, downloads, surveys, and health apps to name a few that will pay you a passive income.
  2. There are many blog sites that are always looking for good content and will pay freelance writers to write for them. Take Cracked, for example, they pay you $100 if your article is published.
  3. You can try writing for magazines as a freelance writer, International Living Magazine is always looking for writers about travel to add to their editions. I believe they pay $100 - $300 for a good article. 
  4. There are many content mills such as ODesk that you can go to find freelance work.
  5. You can list your skills and talents on Fiverr or even Tenerr to find work on these sites.
  6. If you're a freelance designer try to enter some contest on 99 Design. 
  7. If you like playing games you can open a gaming website, blog or YouTube channel to give advice and earn money as an affiliate marketer or even adding ads to your site.
The list goes on and on and today there are many possibilities for earning money online. Not all of them will pay you a full-time income unless you take a job in a call center and work at home as a call center agent. Appen is always looking for people to work at home for their company. You will work 20 to 40 hours a week.
All of these ideas I've listed here are free to join and earn from. If you're asked to pay money to join a site normally this is a problem and could end up being a scam. Do your research before paying anyone to join a site. Stay away from earning $500 a day reading email sites because you'll never earn money this way. It is a scam for sure. 
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you can earn money online by get paid post, PTC sites like ayuwage , affiliate marketing and you can also try freelancing.

You can earn by playing trivia games, get paid to listen music.i can suggest you to join paid to post forums like forum coin, virily, bitlanders blog

You haven't mentioned your interest in the question ,you can also try k.o trivia app,twitch follows ,screen lock app like slidejoy.

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There are a lot if earning opportunities online especially if you have some extra skills like programming and freelancing. In case you have basic skills,then I suggest you try the following sites.

1.)PTP sites-some of the good PTP sites include beer money forum, the forum wheel, paid forum posting, postloop and forum coin although it's a bit slow and the latest one which is earn that Buck forum.With these fors you can be guaranteed $10 per month.

3.)Article writing sites-If you're good in writing unique articles then I suggest you try Iwriter among other sites.With these you can make upto $100 per month although its not that essay. You'll have to submit a sample article first before you're fully a member.

3.)Freelancing-With this you make about $50 per month or even more than that.Some of the sites include,upwork,ifreelance,fiverr among others.

Mostly PTC sites aren't trustworthy and I'll suggest you go for one in case you have no alternative at all but do some background check up.
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There are lots of methods on how you can earn money online, and it depends on you on how you'll work into it. 

First, PTP or Paid to Promote, site type of website will give you a unique link, and you're going to promote it to social media, or any pattern where you can get lots of views, some of them accept traffic exchange, and some aren't that will ends you being banned

Second, Paid to Write, There are forums that will pay you on every thread, or reply you made and there are sites that will ask you to write TOP 10 LIST, others will ask you to create an article and pays you for every article got approved.

Third, Create a website and put an ad into it, there are sites accepts CPM and CPC, CPM stands for Cost per mile and CPC is Cost per click, In CPM you will earn for every view you get, and CPC you'll earn for every clicks you earned (Note don't click your own advertisement!) Or you can go apply on Adsense

Fourth, You can try working with other people, There are sites will ask you to submit your resume and once you get to approve that is the time you will start earning by doing your job, There is also a site wherein you'll upload what task you can do, and wait for orders!
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the other way to earn money without investing is to chat online be an expert and they will pay you directly to your bank account this is a legitimate site and i earn money on that site twice they just have a lot of rules and regulation that you really need to understand because they might get banned you if you commit violation. ZWERL is the application that you can download on your phone. hourly rate is $8. the payment process will be 15th of the month once you reach $20.  i hope this will help you.
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Zwerl does this really pay hourly ? What are other modes of payment do they pay ?.can you share other details about this application
Zwerl pay hourly but as for now, it's hard to earn in Zwerl because the person asking need to choose one of the participant but most of all they want only a group chat. But i can suggest one of the best earning site since it was new but it's a promising site where you can earn thru like in FB, twitter, Instagram, soundcloud, subscribe in youtube and there is a job offer for you to do... try this awesome offer! Payout $5 thru Paypal, try in SMMClicks.com.
Thank you for suggesting new site ,I think it will take long time to reach 5$ ,have you already cashed out ?.
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There are lot of opportunities to earn money online. I have listed few of them.

1) Making Youtube Videos. 

2) Freelancing platforms ( Fiverr, Odesk)

3) Testing websites ( User Testing)

4) Microworker, hive micro

5) Street bees app

6) Creating a blog.

7) Article writing. 
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Surveys, question and answer sites are all good example of sites that you can earn including freelance website whe re you advertise your services and abilities for people to hire.
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