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Now it's a new trend in Trinidad, having tiny houses with well landscaped surroundings. What will be the reason for that? Is there any special advantage other than lowering the construction cost?

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Tiny houses does not only has cons but pros as well. In this case you asked about the advantages so I'll stick to your question. 

The following are advantages of a tiny house;

(1) easy to clean

(2) easy to arrange or rearrange

(3) you can easily notice if something is missing or something has been added or any unusual change

(3) In case you want to shift to another house it gives you an easy time to do so

(4) if you are paying rent you will obviously pay less for a tiny house.
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Its very small and beautiful. Some tiny houses are constructed on wheels and are easy to move from one place to another. I think its ideal for tourists who don't like hotel facilities.
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The main reason of constructing tiny houses because it is move able. Specially for going long term trip. 

There are lot of advantages of tiny houses 

You can take it travelling

One of the biggest advantage of having tiny houses is the ability of catch it to a truck and drive it to a new location.

Need less money to building it

Tiny houses have no need to spend more money on building houses. We can easily built ting houses with small money.

No need to worry about future moves

Permanent houses are very difficult to move from one place to another place so if we want to move from one place with tiny house, we can easily move.

Need less plumbing services

Tiny houses have no need to plumbing services for kitchens and bathrooms mostly because we do not live permanently.

Easier to clean

It is very easy to clean tiny houses because it size is very small.

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Tiny houses have economic advantages unlike big houses.

1.)You'll require less cash to build a tiny house in terms of materials required.Besides it will take less days to build unlike big houses.

2.)Small houses are easy to maintain in terms of repairs and cleanliness.You'll not need to employ people to come and help you in cleaning it.

3.)In terms of security, tiny houses are perfect because you'll hear when someone wants to intrude into your compound.

There are also disadvantages of tiny houses as well.

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