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Is beef still available in India? Is it illegal to sell beef in India? Who eats beef in India? Was beef eaten in ancient india? Why beef ban in india?

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In Kerala there is no restriction in eating beef. We Keralites or Malayalees don't bother about these kind of silly rules. We need beef. Nobody can stop us from eating beef.
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There is no ban on Beef in India. People misusing the law and upper cast people killing lower caste people in the name of their religion and for domination.  And still, it continuing especially in North India. Some political parties driving them behind and supporting this cruel act anonymously.
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A big 'Yes' to the first question. It not illegal to sell beef in India. There is a ban on selling buffaloes in the market for cutting. Almost all people eat beef, except Brahmins and other high castes. Ancient books say that beef or cow meat was included in their diets. There is no ban on beef in India, rest are just folks.

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