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There are times in life when you must stop being quiet and taking crap from people and allowing people to treat you badly. Have you ever stood up for yourself and told a person how it really was and what you thought of them?
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I was bullied as a child and never felt that I fitted in. Although it was a horrible time in my life it taught me to be strong. The bullying ended when I stood up for myself against the main offender. After that it was never as bad which was a learning curve for me. I have never let another person treat me so badly again.
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Yes, of course. If I do not stand up for myself, then who else will?
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I'm a very conservative person and people always try to take advantage of my calm and quiet. They are always shocked and surprised when I give it right back to them. 
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When I grew up we moved around with my dad's job. There was always a new school and new people to meet. I can understand how you feel when you say you never fit in. I never found it easy to make friends and this make me an easy target for kids to pick on me too. 
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If I don't stand up for myself, who will stand up for me. You are born alone, you will dive alone and between the birth and death some people might come in your life, however, you are alone in this world. You might have loved ones, however, when the times come, they will ditch you.

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Always, when I was a kid, I used to be nice one with no intention of getting angry or taking revenge; just forgive and forget type. However my such heart and mind was misused by many people including school and class bullies. Many times I was punished for wrong done by others and was bullied for kind behavior by even those whom I was sweet. So this changed my way of life.

Now I am not allowing myself to get mocked or being bullied; I am totally ready to take on if anyone dares to use me for granted.
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It's called real life experience 
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Good for you. I've always been the nice person and kept my mouth shut for a period of time. I always gave people another chance even if I was angry. Now I have learned when this happens all you do is get walked on. I have always spoken up and defended myself and my friends. If people don't know how to respect the feeling of others, I think they should be told this. I don't have an issue reminding them that we are all people and not their dogs. 
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experience is definitely the best teacher
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This happened to me quite sometime back like 3 months ago back in school. Just a small mistake made 7 people hate me the rest of the semester and no one ever talked me.

With all seven people I couldn't face them and tell them how I felt. All I need was just ignore them because some people are literally rude and you cannot tell them anything because you'll end up being a fool.

In such a scenario you just assume them despite of what they say behind your back.Just take to them a general talk and let them think you don't any issue with them.
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For me I like to stand alone most of the time. I don't like being in groups most of the time as the saying goes the strongest man standeth  alone. But sometimes you have to be in a group to help others and also be helped. Even our parents that we depend on can pass away and leave us in the world alone. We should stand up and fight. 

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