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I have color-treated hair that is prone to breakage. How can I prevent both that and color fading at the same time?

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Your problem with your colored hair must be the lack of usage of perfect conditioner after hair coloring. You should use a high quality conditioner to retain your hair health which is already prone to breakage. Don't use cheap quality conditioners or other products available in market. An international brand also may not help as they have a large product range which even confuse the consumers. Instead you should buy a proven hair product that has best reviews from the users of a product. Especially you are already having a severe hair problem. Don't get tensed. It will affect your hair much more. My friend Alisha an hair expert and beauty therapist has a remedy for your problem. She recommends a hair conditioner from the amazon product lineup. Here is the link to it. I personally had a short study on the product and find the reviews are amazing to this best selling hair retainer. It's damn cheap too. So I ordered one and waiting for the item. After using I will put my reviews here on this thread. It's worth to have a look onto it.
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Gray hair problems are very common nowadays,

When it comes to hair you should naturally treat it or else it may cause severe damage.

There are many natural ways to treat it, you can put curry leaves in hair oil heat it and preserve In a bottle and apply to hair . You can also go for Henna hair pack by adding beet root juice in it. Beetroot juice gives you different colour shade to your hair.
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Yes, it is. Some chemicals in the hair coloring could cause the breakage of hair. First it will get dry, then it will be damage and breakage will happen after. Some shampoos contains chemicals so I advise you to stop using shampoo at the first month of your hair that got colored. Or if you will use shampoo to clean your hair, dilute it with water before putting on your hair. Use Keratin conditioner to protect your hair and always make it feel soft and smooth. The only answer to less damage hair  is not to get it dry . To not get it dry use a keratin conditioner. Keratin conditioner takes care of the hair color. Rough and dry hair can still get smoother and if you have those hair types now after a hair color, it is not too late to use Keratin. Sometimes, from time to time, have a hair spa or hair hot oil treatment to make it shiny and soft again. Stop using strong perfume shampoo.

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