I know its something impossible but this is just a 'what if' question. 


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If ever I have to choose only two food to eat in my entire life it would be vegetable salad and fried chicken. Vegetable salad since it is nutritious and will help my body to keep healthy and active and may lead to let me live a long life. And fried chicken because it has been my comfort food ever since I was young, it is important that there is a comfort food for me to release my stress and frustrations. Life is full of ups and downs and we need to balance everything that we have access to.
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Wise choice! With a salad you actually have not only one but a variety of veggies in a delicious dressing and it goes well with your fried chicken like a side dish.
Indeed! Plus its my favorite so I think I can survive eating only vegetable salad and fried chicken for the rest of my life.
Wow... Vegetable salad is good choice. Cabbage is great vegetables. One can live without any disease by just eating cabbage.
Vegetables aren't the only healthy things. There are many  more options to look up.
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One of them would be mushrooms because I'm addicted to them and the other would probably be chicken. I could live on those two foods but I'm not sure that I wouldn't get fed up after a few months. I don't think that's too unhealthy either.
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I would choose something made from vegetable as it has water and other nutritions that are good for our healthy body. Another one is some things made of meat, it good for energy, so we can survive to do all things.
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I love Biryani with gravy and naan with paneer butter masala. I choose these two. But I can't eat it entire life.  Same food can not be eaten entire life.

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Yes, that's why its only a 'what if' question. I'm not familiar with your dish, Biryani. What is it? It sounds delicious though.


Biryani is famous food which is made from rice, mutton or chicken with necessary spices. 
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Oh, this made me for a while to think that what would be my choice.

Well the two foods would be one is Khichdi (Indian food) and the other is Pizza.
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The two foods I will choose is fried rice and fried chicken because rice is normal sweet to eat and give us energy while fried chicken is very sweet to eat and give us protein
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Two foods that I could eat my entire life is fried rice and chapati. I like these two foods because they taste very good and they are also healthy foods and energy giving foods.  With a lot of nutrients in them.
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The most that I like is bread and chocolate. I definitely choose those food that I want to eat everyday. For me bread and chocolate is a perfect food combination, also they have a very good nutrition for our healty. I love the food and my body got healty.
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I would eat potato and banana as one would enrich my carbohydrates and one will give me the other necessary benefits and banana ha almost nutrients and contents required.So I would rely on these two.
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That's a big IF question. But if we have to choose between the two. I'd say eating apple and the water is all I need. Apple takes care of most of the essential in the fruit and food. And water is necessity. So two essentials would be good enough for survival. If there is no apple then we can stay on the meat as well. Water and meat is what the animals eat as well. 
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I will eat a well-balanced diet: fruit or vegetable and meat. At least, I am still considering a healthy diet if having only two food to be served on the table. I do not eat to complain since it is the only option for me to survive.
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Fruits and vegetables will be one two foods I can't do without because of the benefits it brings to the body, the body derives essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables and as such it will be essential to have them regularly as part of the nutrition.  
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Given a chance to eat two kinds of food for my entire life, I will choose the veggies and fruits. Because even though we cannot eat meat and fish, there are plant-based foods that we can substitute so we can still get the complete nutrients our body needs, as well as we can be healthier. 
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If i was to  choose to eat two things then it would definitely be some deep fried chicken and some fries. I know this isn't healthy but I really love the meal . If am lucky enough to choose a side dish it would be some leafy green vegetables to keep my diet balanced
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