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If I had to select one, I'll go for the internet. We need to google things out several times, a day. It is not possible to find out information with television. Whereas, with internet we can watch our favorite TV shows. Thus my choice would be internet over television.
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I survived without television for 4 years now because I find the internet more useful than watching television.
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Of course, internet. I have stayed for years without watching television. Besides, I don't like television instead i will prefer to listen to radio for latest updates. All these years i have not been watching television internet services have been the thing keeping abreast with what is going on in the world including what they are showing on television.
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I would want to keep an internet connection instead. A television is limited to what every channels can offer but Internet connection could get you to every information old and new plus videos. It is everything.
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I will choose internet because when I have internet I can watch TV as well. Even if I don't watch TV via internet, there are movie streaming services, and of course YouTUbe
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I will choose internet connection because you can watch television program through internet nowadays.
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I will go for internet connection because with that I can do alot with it than my the television I believe.

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Today that isn't a difficult choice because most cable TV service providers now offer Internet. This normally is a package deal. Furthermore, there are some internet services where you can stream the contents to your TV.

However, if you live in a country like I do where your internet and cable TV are different and not on one monthly bill, I would give up the TV any day. I never spend that much time watching TV as it is. I'd rather just watch a good movie online from a paid service I have subscribed to. I normally am so busy working I don't have time to watch TV at all. 

In my home, the TV is only turned on 4 days a month when my husband is here. I personally don't find the TV in our area worth watching and there is too much junk on it and never a good movie or much of anything else. Even though we have several channels to select from most of them repeat documentaries over an over again. If you've seen it once there is no need to see it again. 
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I will still need my television than the internet because of my kids.internet needs much more supervision than the television. Television programs are more educative too.
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I guess if I had small children I'd keep the TV too and get rid of the Internet. However, I don't have any small children living in my home so the TV can go for me. 

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