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There are lots of email provider, but which do you think is a safe and friendly user?

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I have tried a few different ones like Hotmail, outlook, and our own email provider they offer us here on the islands. In all of these choices out there for some reason, I still go back to Gmail. I have never once had an issue with Google and my email account. However, I know so many people who always have an issue with any email provider they use. The number one reason for this is their password. 

If you know how to secure your email account with a great password then you shouldn't have any issues at all. I've always told people to never use a word in a password. Here are a few suggestions on passwords that are fantastic to use as your email password that will secure your account and it is hard for anyone to hack it:

  1. ibQQ761##bb
  2. ;zyTTu67oo$29
You should only use each password you create once and never use it again on another account. The more difficult the password the harder it is to hack your account. So keep in mind when you create a password use both upper and lower case letter, numbers, and special characters. Mix and match or add a few here and there. The harder you make your password to hack, the safe your account will be. 
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Hello .I have tried yahoo , Hotmail,Gmail account , gmx,rediff mail. So far I haven't experienced any privacy or security issues on these emails.

Gmx email is so far very good and sign process is not long it's simple very easy to use.When it comes to secure options  Gmail is very good and have various options to get logged in activity whenever someone try to open our account, it will notified to us.

so I feel that Gmail is best , so far I haven't experienced any issues with that.
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I have tried yahoo, msn, outlook, and others but the one I find most safe and friendlier is gmail. So far no issues encountered yet and up to this date, my account hasn't been hacked. Even to online money making, they prefer the gmail account compared to other email providers (which I do not know why). I have found other email providers to complicated too upon signing up so I rather stick to gmail which is by far the most no. 1 trusted email provider by majority. They are not only the safest and friendliest email provider but at the same time the easiest and fastest search provider up to the present time. 
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These are the most popular email service provider:-

1. Gmail

2. Yahoo

3. Outlook

4. Hotmail

Among all of these, I would suggest you to go through Gmail because of their security, privacy, and policy. Being a doctor, I required the physician email list for a small survey and I saw most of them have Gmail account. 

If you are talking about the best email service provider then I would suggest you to through Gmail.
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I have never had a problem with gmail and they are quick to contact me if they think there is a security alert. I have two gmail addresses, my main email and my secondary in case I lose a password and need to use it to recover it.

My partner has hotmail and has been hacked into several times. He also gets suspicious emails from time to time so this is one service I would never use as my main email although I do have a hotmail account. I am still trying to persuade him to switch to gmail as I definitely think it's the best as far as security is concerned.
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I have tried hotmail, yahoo and gmail account. All this I recommend gmail account. To me gmail account is the best email account one can use. It's easy to use and they provide protection for your account. In case of foreign access or foreign log in gmail will send you a text immediately asking you to secure your account. In case you forget your password, the process of retrieving it aint that hectic. So I prefer gmail account.

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