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I choose to be healthy because it takes a lot of money to spend when you are not healthy and are in the hospital. I don't want to suffer from an illness, I would want a healthy and happy life.
Anytime and anyway, I will go for being healthy, because it only when i am healthy i can enjoy my wealth. Often times most people usually get their priority misplaced by putting being rich over their health.
I would like to choose to be rich and at the same time healthy too.
I will choose to be healthy, what can you do with money is to spend when you are sick anyway, so better be healthy than weatlhy.
I will always choose health,when once my health is intact I can make all the money and become rich.

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I'd rather choose to be healthy than rich, what is money if you're not healthy? You're just going to spend your money on your medication and hospital bills, unlike being healthy, you can work to earn money and you can spend it to things that will make you happy and enjoy your life, Money isn't worth it if you're not healthy, What is money if you're just laying on the bed, and waiting for doctors?
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I prefer to be rich, with money you can afford a healthy lifestyle, it is sometimes hard to live healthy life when you don't have money, so I prefer riches first then health can follow, a rich person can afford the best medical services and pay for any food he feels like eating. 
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