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I would go for a brand new car. It has always been my dream to own a show room car. This is more advantageous because you are assured of getting a good car that will serve you for years. Second hand cars can be good but there is also a possibility of being duped on the same. Say you buy a car and then you find out that the miles the car has done is not the same as what you have been told, and thats a raw deal for sure.
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There are second hand car that could be as good as the brand new car, depends on the quality you get. If you can afford new car, no problem too, but if you ask me, I could have a second hand car too.
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I tend to buy second hand cars but they can break down more easily so I sometimes feel that buying a new car on finance might be a better option. I have spent hundreds of pounds on repairs but at least I am not owing any money. I'm not sure I would want to be paying  a hefty monthly payment for years to come.
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I would definitely go for brand new car. One can't bet on the quality of second hand car, and I don't want a situation whereby i won't be able to enjoy what i have spent so much on turning out to be a burden to me.
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If I can afford I will buy brand new car because our car at the moment was bought second hand.When money is the issue, ending up with second hand yet, reliable car.
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First, it depend on your position. If you're able to buy brand new car then it's ok. And you can buy a new car. Or If it's money issue and you want to buy a car, then I prefer you to buy a second hand. But remember one think and must see this. The engine of the car should be ok.

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brand new or second handed, my big brother owned a brand new car, and I owned a second handed car, I decided to choose second handed because I have a dream car that I want to drive which is the Subaru Impreza, the hatchback one, which totally fulfills my dreams since that is my dream car since when I was young, but in terms of preference about brand new or second handed, if you want a car without any defect, go to brand new, but if you have a dream car and you're ready to repair the defect, go to second handed,

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