I have a new Samsung tablet. Three months after the purchase, I noticed that battery of the new tablet is draining off very quickly. Can you give me some suggestions to extend the battery life of my tablet?
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When this happens it normally has to do with the configuration and setup of the tablet.

  1. Check to see what apps you have opened and running in the background.
  2. Close apps that you are not using.
  3. If you have apps that always check for updates, change the setting so that they no longer do.
  4. When you are done using an app, close it and don't just click away. The app will stay running in the background and drain your battery.
  5. Turn off your location service if you're not using them. This will always drain a battery.
  6. Check your setting and turn off all things that you don't use or need. There are many things in the setting that will drain the life of a battery.
  7. I finally had to delete the Facebook app from my tablet because it was a major battery drain. I noticed this on a few other apps that I didn't really use much. It is best to get rid of all of them.
  8. If you are still having major issues, back up your table to the cloud or your computer. Now do a factory reset. This might be a small pinhole on the side or back of the tablet that you can use a paperclip to reset the table back to factory setting. This will always correct these problems with a tablet. You can easily reload your information back on. 
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Full initial charge

Remove battery if not in use for a long period

Fully discharge and recharge

Avoid extreme temperatures

Clean the contacts: Clean your laptop battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol every few months
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This is great advice for a laptop. On the Samsung tablet, it is quite difficult to pop the back panel off the table to get to the battery. I know a few people who have tried this on their own and broken their screen. I don't think this is a wise thing to do. I've had to repair the tablet and you'll need a special tool that can get between the seal and open the back panel without damaging the screen. 
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Reduce screen brightness, remove unwanted or rarely used apps, clear cache/ recently used apps/activities once you return to your home page. Games will consume more battery power, so use it judiciously. My opinion is not to use apps something called power booster, speed booster, or phone security etc. Its nothing to do with  your phone or tablet.
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In order to retain the battery charge of your tablet is to always close the application that you are not using and just in case that you are using data on your tablet you need to turn it off if you don't use it because data connection consumes a lot of charge on your battery. don't use it while charging and please make sure that you lower the brightness of your screen not just by retaining the battery charge it is also good for your eyes. I can suggest that you can use DU battery saver application but if you still encounter a problem on your tablet you need to bring that back to Samsung store for them to check up the battery since that you've been using that for just 3 months.
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Whenever you're charging your phone, its advisable to switch it to airplane mode. Have tied it and can confirm that in airplane mode, the phone/tablet tends to charge faster.

Don't use your tablet when it's charging, let it charge to 100% you can use it. Using your phone when its charging reduces the charging pace and this destroys the battery life.

You can always reduce your phone's performance by turning on the battery saver, reducing the tablet's brightness and at times avoid vibrations just a normal ringtone with vibration is okay. 
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