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In the UK we have had two Prime Ministers, Margaret Thatcher who was known as The Iron Lady.  She was certainly a match for any of the male leaders we have had although certainly not your usual kind empathetic female.

We now have Theresa May who is leading us through Brexit, another tough cookie. Many of her decisions are unpopular but I don't think being a woman has any bearing on the way people see her.
Indeed women will make this world a better place to live. Women have compassion, they are good listeners, they are understanding, they love even when they are not loved back, they are naturally helpers and motivators. Am sure you know that when a woman is educated its like you have educated the whole community. This is because a woman will share knowledge she will want to cause an impact on the people around her, and thats how people come together and make great things. If women rule the world, there will be lots of joy in people's hearts .
A woman can definitely make a change, it will chane the perception about women.

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I bet they will make this world a better place than it as right now since they say what a man can do a woman can do much better. Leaving that aside,women are one of those creatures who always treasure development other than any other thing. With women in power I think even the developing countries will head somewhere.

The only problem with women in power, is that they always have lots of family responsiblities plus there own responsibilities. They always tend to tense when things start messing up. All I believe is that women are good leaders.
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I agree with your answer. A Woman can rule a world better. She has lot of family responsibilities. Nowadays the women are working in almost all kind of fields. 
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Many people have asked this question for years and I think they are afraid to see what would happen. I actually look forward to the day that a woman will be voted in as President of the United States. I think after all the problems in the past, it will basically take a woman to fix some of these issues. At times men jump to conclusion and overact so easily. They don't always sit back and take in the whole picture first or think about what could happen if they chose to follow through with one decision when in reality the other option was better. 

In many ways, men think they are superior because they have the body and the strength that a woman doesn't have. This doesn't always make it right or give the man the right to think they are better than women. There are so many smart and intelligent women in this world today. They didn't get where they are on the shirt tails of men. They achieved this on their own because they were strong and determined to succeed. 

History is changing and people are starting to realize that the old ways of thinking are not working so much anymore. It is time to think about what is best for everyone if we all will survive in this world and bring world peace once and for all. The fighting and the wars need to end and maybe it will take a woman to do this once and for all. Who knows. 
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Women should end fights in their home first. Only then they should go for stopping international fights. 
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Well in my own idea is depend on how the woman strong in leadership.Because even man to be a world leaders there is lack of doing the best thing for the country.So to be a leader you must do the good thing in your country in order to be successful.Strong laws to be followed that people should obey and also for the betterness of their own and to the coming generations.
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Somehow, I think the world would be a better place. Why? Basically, because I think that women are more empathetic than men. They have this unique characteristic of actually perceiving not only what a person thinks but also what a person feels.

Women are also more compassionate and are blessed with pure heart that is willing to help the innocent, the oppressed, and the minority, as they, too, have been in these situations since time immemorial.

I hope I will get to live in a world where there is equality between men and women--a world where women are not viewed as the smaller, weaker, and less intelligent sex.

If you have a different thought about this, I would be very much willing to have a decent and fair conversation with you.
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I have always believed in women's rule and I see this from the way they rule the home and make the best of it,of course  they will also do better as rulers in the world.

Women are great managers and with the chaos in the world,the world really needs a natural manager to put it why don't we bring in the natural managers.

A woman can both be  sympathetic and empathetic.The world is so chaotic with lot of heartless leaders it time we allow the specie with the milk of kindness to will make a whole world of good because the woman will be ruling with love.

I see the world being a better place if the women rule. It will be more productive and peaceful than ever.
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I think it depends on the track record of a woman and if she has an experienced leading something and it turns out good. I am imagining a mother, taking care of her children. She is compassionate, gentle and loving. Of course, a woman becoming a leader will always think about the welfare of her country. She might become selfless like a mother. She could overtakes what men could do and be cautious about her decisions too. She will be very careful with trusting other people and always learning from the mistakes. My problem is that, some women are tend to worry more than less, so anxiety could get in the way but positive thinking and good leadership experience could change it all. Women leaders in my country, I am not satisfied though.
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Oh boy, we'll all be gunners. A lot will change and all we men will be subjected to suffer the same faith as women have endured over the centuries. #laughs... Just joking there, but certainly not about change.

Women, a large percentage of women will change our standards as humans for good if given the chance to rule the world. There's this thing called extra sensory perception (E.S.P), nearly all women possess it. It is the ability to make clear and sound judgment instantly without wasting much time on deep thoughts. All successful business men and leaders who have great women by their sides can attest to it. Am of the opinion that the same can be put to ruling a nation or the world as a whole if women were mostly the elected leaders.

Women in power is just a matter of time. Recent times has shown a significant rise in the number of women taking control of high offices in various countries.

Germany for instance is one nation enjoying the benefits of women in power. Despite the country's past reputation and role in flaring international conflict, their three times and a possible fourth term elected leader Angela Markel has been able to stir the nation towards better times bringing out it's best to the rest of the world. Germany has enjoyed increasing bilateral relations and afforded the opportunity to play larger roles in the world society under her rule. Imagine how much more women can achieve if in power.
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No doubt there will be the peace throughout the world. Women rulers are generally concerned for the well being of mankind. They do not believe in war. There are number of examples of woman rule in many countries.
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It happened in the past years that some women became leaders to their countries. I think there is nothing wrong if they are in a position because I am into gender equality.
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Women are known to be great leaders. Research shows that in a company where in the administration there is a woman, the company runs smoothly. They work to help in the running of the organization. They are strict and determined to reach the organization goals. Right now the world is embracing more women into the leadership platform as they have proven to be good gears towards economic, social and political advancement. 
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I think it will be better than a man

A woman have a good heart she can prevent wars

In my opinion

She can be a true leader if she wants to

And better than  mens 
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