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I want to know the features and difference between silicone and ordinary keyboard. Life and ease of use and price difference between these two. Do you think, it will last longer and convenient for all types of jobs? Hope I will get an honest comparison and your best opinion on silicone and ordinary keyboard.

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Here are the best features of a silicon keyboard:

  1. They are waterproof. So if you dump something on them they won't get ruined like a standard keyboard.
  2. The silicone keyboard is flexible and it can even roll up. This makes it easy to take with you and roll up in your backpack.
  3. They take a lot less room to store. Because they are flexible it makes them really easy to store. 
  4. They are very lightweight and this makes it nice to carry with you.
  5. If they happened to get dropped, they won't break. 
  6. They sell for as low as $8.99 plus tax and shipping if you order this online.
  7. They are wireless which makes them great for moving around and using with a laptop if you want.

Ordinary keyboard. 
  1. We all know that a standard keyboard comes in all different shapes and sizes.
  2. They are a bit larger.
  3. They weight more,
  4. They are either wireless, USB or PS2 models.
  5. If you spill something on the keyboard it can get destroyed.
  6. This keyboard will collect all kinds of dust and dirt.
  7. You can buy a low-end model for around $9 and the price goes up from there.

Depending on you and what you like. The keyboard basically do the same exact functions, except one is flat and sits on the desk and the standard keyboard has legs on it and can be elevated just a bit. 

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