I want to track exact location of a caller. How can I do it?
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in order to track the number of the caller is to search it in spokeo website you can see where their located and the registered name on the number also you can see the service provider of that number. this is a very helpful website i also used this when someone is calling me that i really dont know. i hope that this will also help you a lot.
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There are several apps that can be used in tracking the location of someone and one includes, GPS phone. All you have to do is install the app,then insert the phone number,even If the phone isn't connected to the internet you'll still be able to find their location.

Also another method is using Facebook search bar.Insert the phone number then you'll get all the matches and their location.
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Don't call me a weirdo and it wasn't an obsession, but I really needed to see what she was up and about doing. It was one of those times when I had the feeling, the fearful feeling of your partner cheating. And since I wasn't invincible and couldn't just follow her everywhere, i found myself searching for ways to track a person's location using their cell phones.

I quickly realized how easy it was to trace anyone just by using their phone numbers. I came across multiple sites offering such services, apps were more explosive as I found hundreds of them offering same services. The best part of it all is that the majority of them are free services and very easy to use. The easiest were the web based sites which involve only visiting the site and providing the target number on the search field of the page. Click search and there you have it. Every detail about the number gets displayed including their location. The only catch is that location function has to be enabled on the target person's device for the process to work.

By the way, my partner was only being hard working I later found out. How stupid I was going through all this process when I could have simply talked to her.
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The world has gone global that most things are possible through technology. Smartphone produced have its simcards,  phone numbers that are registered with some specific network like Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, and starcom in Nigeria.

All this network has a similar procedure of registering the phone number before it could be use for on-line real-time work.

This registration includes picture capturing, address, state, occupation, sex,  next of kin, means of identification like voter's card to be certified that you gave a proper information about yourself.
Tracking of the exact location of a caller is very easy if you meet the network provider of the caller and it's also easier if the GPS in the callers phone is on during the call.
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I have watched so many intelligence gathering movies, CIA (CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY) AND DOD (DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE) movies and I have seen some tricks as well as sophisticated technologies that are used to monitor and track one's phone calls from anywhere in the world as long as the phone calls were made using an android or iOS smartphone which is GPS enabled.
There are some applications that are said to have the software capabilities of tracking one's mobile phone but it can only be possible if the second device have the application installed on the device. One other ways of being able to track a phones location and not the calls placed would be to have the phone's location turned on.
Getting the assistance of the mobile network used by the phones to be tracked is one absolute way of tracking the phone call.
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Just enter facebook and enter phone number in the search box or try using Phone Look up of Google web pages - Online search directory is also helpful. 
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