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Wedding Reception
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It is just to create razzmatazz about the couples wedding event that has taken place. With all the assorted foods and drinks and all the fun games at the event are all targeted to create enjoyable and memorable moments for the couples and the guests.
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The reception is where your wedding events is for your visitors to gather and celebrate your wedding day.

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Wedding reception is where the get together and happy moments will take place. This is where all the families, friends, relatives and guests of the bride and groom will gather for the meet and greet, exchanging conversation, dancing,  eating, giving gifts, wishing well wishes and congratulations for the marriage couple. This is one of the unforgettable moments aside from tying the knot for the bride and groom as they will see both their families hanging with each other and having some fun time.    
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I see the whole essence as entertaining those that came to witness the bringing together of two people to become one.After this just bless your witnesses with food and music.
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The actual purpose of a wedding reception is to inform and invite all relatives and friends of the boy and the girl as well as their families to come and join the function organised for the celebration of the marriage that have been solemnized before and enjoy the food served on the occasion. In the process people old and the young wish the couple a 'happy married life'. It is also an occasion for the people concerned to meet their friends whom they have not met for long.
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A wedding reception is one of the most important things to prepare for weddings. It's the place where visitors, relatives, families, and part of the weddings are gathered. On wedding reception, the celebration of the event is also continued. When I am attending weddings, it's also one main factor for me to be observed. I really adore receptions with beautiful and colorful designs. Can't wait to decide for my own wedding reception soon. 

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the actual purpose of a wedding reception is to celebrate the wedding day, have them meet the new member of their family and friends and do the traditions like the groom throwing the garter to the eligible bachelors and the bride will throw the bouquet of flowers to the single ladies and show some hospitality to the people who attend the wedding. 

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