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Religious dogma are the principle or set of principles laid down by our ancestors. Different religions have set different principles. What is okay in one religion may not be so in another religion. But invariably almost all of us follow the principles laid down in the religion to which one belongs.

Regarding your second question, I would say that I am trapped but just obeying my forefathers.
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Dogma is set of principles/rules laid down by those in authority and shouldn't be compromised.

By religious dogma, I think those rules set by the church elders and some things shouldn't be done and if they're done a certain consequence should follow.
I don't think am stuck in religious dogma. Since Jesus died on the cross,He cut off the boundary and we can go to Him and request His favours.
I don't think I'll see a neighbour dying in the next door and refuse to lend a hand by taking him to the hospital simply because its on a Sabbath, a day that am supposed to be worshipping. That will be hypocrisy and I follow the Bible teachings not rules set a side.

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Religious dogma is the doctrine of belief in a religion. They are sometimes characterized as beliefs held to be without proof. 

A lot of times these beliefs are often intertwined with the ideas of the ordinary men that find their way into the doctrines of religion. When you understand religion, you'll know that is is beyond the opinion of man. It is spiritual. 

If you understand religion without bias, you can't be trapped in it as it will encompass a total way of life and you'll also understand that there is no compulsion in religion. 
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Religious dogma is persons following the religion that they were brought up into because they feel a sense of loyalty to their families and respective places of worship that introduced them to the religion. I am trapped in religious dogma but only by my choice of religion.
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