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In some countries, the average lifespan is 70 to 80 years. I know in China people have lived to 110. However, there are times that people can die early from natural causes. A healthy human can have a heart attack or a stroke and nobody knows the reason why. You can jog every day of your life and one-day return home and die from a heart attack. So it is almost impossible to say how long a person can live. You can get an estimate of the average life o any person and that normally is 65 to 80 years. Some people live a much shorter life, where others can live a much longer life. 

If you want to live a long life it is up to you when you're younger to start taking care of your body. Eat the right foods, drink plenty of water, never smoke, drink moderately, and stay away from harmful drugs. You'll need to exercise and keep the body fat off in order to keep the fat from forming around your heart. This can help you live a full and happy life. 
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It's simple . Till death.. live happily .. Live long.. Thts all . 
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no one knows how long are we going to stay in this planet. there are some people who can live for more than 100 years but its very rare. most of the people who dont have any health problem they can live for more than 70 to 80 years. if you are a healthy living person monitoring the nutritions. have a doctors check up and have a daily exercise there's a big possibility that you can reach the age of 90 and above. 
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answered by LEGEND (6,394 points) 6 14 36

First it depends with a person.How you maintain yourself free from diseases such as cancer,diabets and high blood pressure.If one is free from these diseases one can go upto 100 years old although this is rare.

Also it depends with a country's life expectancy.Some countries like Germany have life expectancy of around 50-80 if am not wrong where's most of the countries in Africa have life expectancy of 50-60/70.Its about those people below who should be taking care of the aged.
In some cases crime, insecurity and diseases shorten people's life and end up dying at very young ages.
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The environment and genes has a critical role to play in limiting human life. The food you eat and how you live life can increase or decrease longevity. Record has it the maximum longevity of humans is 114.9, approximately 115years while statistics has life expectancy in some places to be between 70-80 years. 

If we ignore all possible causes of death besides our body cells failing and giving way, I believe human beings can live a longer life than the average and maximum life expectancy. Take for instance the story of Li Ching-Yun. The man who lived up to 256years. Though most people find it hard to believe. Stories have it that he used a lot of healthy and unorthodox methods to live the longest he could on earth. 
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The life span of human beings here on earth varies depending on a number of factors. Some of this factors include; geographical location, diet, activities and so on. Some areas are affected with earth movement and eruption of chemicals from the earth surface. Other areas are just affected by artificial chemicals like factory waste products, backfired experiments and so on. In such areas the people around are affected and their life span is reduced to as little as 50 years.  But if you are in a good environment without any interference by chemicals, eat simple diet with little fats and sugar content, avoid cigarette, alcohol and any other drug, do daily exercise, you maight as well live to 115 years.
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I think to me the life of man was shorten when they first made the first sin in the Garden of Eden. In the Bible we see that man used to live for many years like even over 800 years of life, but when they took the fruit that God told them never to eat from the tree they knew between good and evil and so God punished them by reducing their life span on earth.
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It varies. In China there is a woman that reaches 112 years old. I am not sure if she is the oldest person on earth. In our country, man assumes to live 65 years of age and woman for 69-72 years old. It could reach more ages if they are healthy. We have lots of people here that reaches 100 years old. Actually, everyone is trying their best to stay alive because the government is giving 100k for those who will live until they reaches 100 years of age. Unfortunately, those I know that reaches that age hardly stand , but in some provinces, there are some who are still strong at that age but they died soon. I think people could reach that age if we are trying to be healthy and not meet accident. It really depends on the Lord if he will allow us to live that long.
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From what is obtainable scientifically as at this present generation about human life expentancy, it is pegged at 80 years of age if all things are equal. This particular limit might differ from one person to another depending on some external factors and one's lifestyle.

Life expectancy back in the days was quite higher than as it today. We leant that people where able to live up 150 to 200 years then. Unfortunately, this has changed perhaps as a result of developmental advancement humans has made. Those that lived in the olden days led a life that was far more wholesome and healthy than the one we are living now. There were limited pollutants then than it is today which contributes to the amount of toxins in our body. There lifestyle was pretty much modest and refined unlike now that people want to smoke and drink all kinds of harmful substances. There was also much trees to supply fresh air, now you barely see a single one around your environment unless rural areas. There were more active than we are today. All we have now are couch potatoes that can't even trek shortest distance journey.

What am I say? That life expectancy for this generation can't be compared to that of past generations. And if we humans desire to live longer, we must be deliberate in our actions in order for us to have one.
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I don't think that there is a concrete answer to this. However, if we are to compare the life expectancy of people during the early times to the people of this modern world, I would say that this has significantly decreased. This can be explained by the factors that greatly affects our wellbeing such as our lifestyle and our environment.

Nowadays, people are not as physically active, as we tend to be engaged in activities that do not require us to even get up on our seats. We spend so much time on social media, on mindless internet browsing that we forgot how regular exercise and workout can totally impact our health. Our diet has also taken a major shift. We have been so inclined into eating fast foods because we claim that by doing so, we are saving much of our time, and that we can spend the time we saved in preparing and cooking food on other activities that we find interesting. We have also been engaged in various bad habits, which continuously degrade health such as smoking and drinking alcohol. All these lower our chance of living a longer life.

Moreover, so much pollution on the environment has caused the birth of several diseases that were not present in the early times. Various plague and epidemic has taken over several areas, and the worse case is that these strains of diseases eventually become resistant to the cure that humans have been developing. They, too, are evolving because we are providing them the conducive environment to do so. There are so much threats in the environment as there are humans on earth.

However, I do think that no matter how much we take care of ourselves, we still cannot predict how long we are going to live. Hence, let us just enjoy and appreciate every moment we have.
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I want to go by the number given by the Bible a score and ten and I think if one gets to that then it good.That should be a good old age.

I believe we all have different live limit and each get affected by different factors and it takes a toll on us and make us live either long or short lives.

I prefer to live in good health and die when due than live long in sickness, it wouldn't make sense that way.

To live long I believe we should look at our health,diet,stress level and generally way of life and our lifestyle inclusive.

The best bet is living a good life so that when death comes we will die fulfilled.

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